Jumapili, 12 Machi 2017



This building was erected in 1927/28 by the 16th Chief of UKEREWE, Omukama Mwinamila GABRIEL RUHUMBIKA. He was a very wealthy chief not because his subjects brought virtually everything to him but because he had a business man's mind. He traded in cotton, sugarcane and sugar (he had a factory for sugar production close to this residence). His businesses grew beyond the shores of this island to Kagera and Uganda. It's in Uganda where he got an Italian architect who designed this building and all the materials for this building came from there! That's the late 1920s we're talking about. Man.!

He is the most revered chief of Ukerewe and this is mostly because HE LEFT THIS MARK. Neither his son and heir, chief Omukama Mwinamila MICHAEL LUKUMBUZYA (17th chief) who ruled after him and who was well educated and was later appointment as Tanzania's ambassador to Canada, nor his grandson the current chief VIANNE KASEZYA (18th chief) who resides in Austria are as revered as chief RUHUMBIKA because of the mark he left. My grandfather worked as his secretary and was rewarded a plot of land close to this place - our home place till today. So the chief had an impact even in my family and my life. He left a mark to our family too...

And so I thought of this thing called LEGACY. Leaving a MARK. This story may not concern you one bit as it does me but I believe you will agree that we all can learn something from it. We live in a world where people are increasingly encourage to love themselves more than loving anyone else where people are shown how to spend their money or time on and for themselves more than on or for anyone else. We forget that GREATNESS is the outcome of, even a reward for SERVICE TO OTHER PEOPLE. The legacy of the aforementioned chief may not be of importance to you but the nail I'm trying to hit into your wall here is: WHAT MARK ARE YOU LEAVING BEHIND? What will your family, street, community, country or the world at large remember you for? What will people show future generations that will demonstrate that YOUR LIFE WAS NOT IN VAIN...?

What will the universe look back at and hold in its incredible infinite hands and declare that there once lived a human being IN YOUR NAME?
If someone can erect a building that can stand the test of time you can do something too. You can build a school, plant a tree, clean a riverbank, feed the poor or cut their hair for free. You can compose or sing a song, write a book, protect elephants, build an incredible sports team, take man to the moon or Mars or develop a life-changing App.

There's more than enough room for all of us to build our legacy. There's no shortage of raw materials to build your legacy with.
There's no shortage of time for those who want to leave a mark.

Just find your WHY? Why you were created, why you're here. Why anyone needs to remember your name when you're long gone. Hold the pen and write your own history.

Leave a mark.

Semper Fi,

Andrea G Muhozya
Bukindo, Ukerewe, Mwanza, Tanzania.
East Africa.


So we meet again.
Yep. And this is what I have for you today.

If you want to start a business just start. Fast! Don't sit on it waiting to ask for people's opinions.

Listen to me my friend. HENRY FORD. You know that name? Hope you do. Now let's talk a bit about him.
This guy once said if he had gone around asking people what they wanted before making his car they probably would have told him they wanted "FASTER HORSES". Okay, from the horse's mouth..
 But he came with the idea of a car. And then told people why they needed one. Brilliant! Don't you think?

ZUCKERBERG! You know him right? He's the reason you're guaranteed to read a book every day. I mean, Facebook. So, this guy didn't ask anyone what they needed before he created Facebook. He showed us mortals what we needed.

JOBS. I'm not offering any jobs. I'm talking of STEVE JOBS. He didn't ask people if they wanted shiny sexy gadgets for a computer or phone. He just went "LOOK-A-HERE GUYS, SEE WHAT I'VE GOT" and today when you say the world APPLE it's no longer unambiguous.

If you think you have to ask people first what they need before you start your business you're going to spend the rest of your time as a living creature trying to make "faster horses".

ELON MUSK didn't go around asking "what kinda car d'yall need buddies?" He said instead "HEY EVERYONE LOOK WHAT WE'VE GOT... AN ELECTRIC CAR" and he together with his lot are really dooming the oil business to obscurity, albeit slowly. But a thing in slow motion IS only an illusion of delay. I mean, think about it.

What about ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (A.I.)? No one ever asked you if you're okay being operated by a robot or a human doctor or if you are okay being served by a robot in a restaurant or if you want to go with human beings carrying trays for ever? No one asked you these questions. People just made robots. And that's the FUTURE my friend. The PRESENT in some places of course.

If you are going to have a flourishing business my advice is be creative and get going faster than horses. Don't wait for anyone to validate your idea. I tried a few creative things without asking customers and they are actually working. They will work for you too.

Bill Gates talks of BUSINESS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT. It's no longer the stronger eating the weak. No, no, no. Now it's the era of the FASTER eating the SLOWER. So think FASTER.

Think like you're in Fast-forward mode!

Let me know your thoughts on this article or blog.

Semper Fi,

Andrea G Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,
East Africa