Jumatatu, 21 Desemba 2015

"Just A Stick"


Many years (in fact many millennia) ago a shephard was called by his Master and given a difficult assignment: to go and confront a foreign King with a critical message - to free the slaves he had so they could go their way for that Master. Puzzled, the shephard-cum-servant wondered how he could confront the foreign king without any "special tools" and any "strategic plan" and "specific presentation skills", etc. And thus this servant had to confront the sender with a clever question: "What if they don't believe me?" He queried.

And then the powerful sender asked him "What do you have in your hand?"
And the guy was like, "Ammm.. A stick... Jus a stick. Yeah"
And the sender says, "Toss it down"
The guy did and boy! Stick turns into a snake! What? He had to run away for fear.. "What's going on here?", I believe he was so wondering when the sender told him to "Keep Calm and take the snake by its tail". Are you kidding me? But he did. Story short, Moses (yes the Moses of the Bible) went and confronted King Pharaoh with "just a stick" and his brother and the slaves were freed.. Not because of the stick though.

I have come to learn that most people would like to do something grand with their lives..but they want to be grand first before they can do it. Kind of they want "to be Picasso first before they can be Picasso". And most of them for "good" reason – they they're wondering how on earth they can get it done with "just a stick" in their hand. I was one of them. Until I learnt how detrimental to success that can be.

You might have a big dream or vision yourself and you are probably wondering how "well prepared you need to be" first. And that is a good thing. Look, Abraham Lincoln said he would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe if he was to chop down a tree in six! Smart man. Preparation is extremely important. It makes the execution smooth and even faster.

Nevertheless it is critical that you don't despise meagre beginnings in the guise of preparing yourself. It seems to be a Godly principle to bless abundantly those who accept small beginnings. Those who don't belittle starting where they are with what they have. This is not a Bible class here, but there's a verse in the Bible that reminds us mortals not to despise humble beginnings.

There are people who either out of ignorance or a wish to have that grand entrance have waited to be ready all their lives. You shouldn't. Get started where you are with what you have. Even if it's just a stick.

See I grew up thinking to be big you have to start big. Starting small was never an option for me. Whatever I wanted to do I wanted it started  big, huge if you will.

One day I met a local entrepreneur at a seminar. He was talking about all these topics: confidence, adding value, etc, etc. After the seminar I approached him and asked him what I was to do to be a motivational speaker. Guy looks me in the eye and asks "So how long have you been doing the talk?"
"Excuse me?", I asked, quickly adding: "Amm.. I haven't started out yet.." Wasn't that why I eas asking him what should I do to get started in the first place? I wondered.
You know what he told me? "It's not what you don't have but what you do have. You must start speaking. Speak to your friends, your neighbours. School children, folks at church, your neighbours, etc etc! You are not "going to be" a speaker.. You either are or you aren't! You must start speaking and then get to perfect the hussle as you go along.."

What a paradigm shift that was for me?

So I picked my stick by the tail and went home and started practicing alone. Recording myself on my mobile phone. Listening later and laughing really hard at my own "talk".. How it sounded. But I got confident and I started sending the audios to a few friends. Some would laugh. Some would give me their feedback. I didnt tell them why I was sending them the audios anyway. But as I grew more cinfident I started visiting nearby Secondary Schools and asked for a chance to speak to students. No school turned me down, to my surprise. I had nothing except bus fare and a book I would carry, any book, and a notebook, plus the message I had in my mind. That was my " just a stick". Then surprisingly some students started asking me if I could document my messages and sell those to them. I worked it out somehow. And they started buying the document, unprofessional as it looked. And that was when it occurred to me that if I had waited to be Robin Sharma or Tony Robbins first, I would have waited forever. I hadn't started the talks as a serious venture but just to try but I learnt enormous lessons. I am on my way to resuming the talks in the coming days and I believe I will have even greater contributions to make and a bonus of a little experience too.

So what about you? Do you have a dream? Are you waiting until you can get hold of the $5 million dollar loan before you embark on your Real Estate dream? Are you waiting until you have everything before you start that football team of your own? Are you waiting until you are a CPA or Ph.D before you start your own enterprise? Has God called you to ministry and you are trying to get all prepared first - whatever that means. Think again...

How did Bill Gates start?
What about Mandela?
Richard Brandon?
Lionel Messi?
How did Shania Twain start?
Do you know how Silvester Stallone started? You'd be surprised?
What about Agatha Christie or that creative mind behind Harry Potter?
Most successful people that you admire today started out with "just a stick in their hand". God blesses those who have faith! The daring ones.

Start where you are my friend. Pick your stick and start that business.
Unless of course you too like Dangote have a rich grandpa who can give you "additional seed money" of 500,000 naira or you too like Trump has a rich dad who can give you "a small loan of a million dollars"!. Otherwise just start small and grow big as you go.

If you wait to have everything you need you might wait till forever comes. What you have with you, a dream, the confidence and, the passion and your faith in God, are more than enough to fuel you to get started. Don't let the gas run out for nothing. Get started now.

[Well this is one of the things I have addressed thoroughly in my upcoming book... Stay tuned..)

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

I welcome your thoughts in the comment section below.

Alhamisi, 17 Desemba 2015

Is The Window Of Opportunity Still Open? Then Use It Fast!



Well, at least until after some time.

'How much time', you may ask. Well after exactly 8 minutes according to scientists for according to science it takes 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach our beloved planet. So we'll still see the sun for 8 minutes. Interesting, no?

For 8 good minutes we can all be walking, swimming, farming, driving, chatting, or just "chilling" out somewhere and then whoop!!! Night time all of a sudden. Complete darkness.

Well, can you imagine that? Drivers crushing in trees and houses, people falling into pits, school children screening, airplanes losing sight of runways,  everybody panicking and all that? Just imagine. Don't worry it's not gonna happen. God is in control....

Just make believe!

How important the sun will suddenly become all important as both TVs and social media terrorists and clerics alike will unite to discuss what has befallen us mortals!

But now no one talks about such a thing. Because it seems not a possibility on our plate. And rightly so. Why would it vanish? It's been there since..well, since time immemorial! Why would it want us all fall into 'kingdom come' all of a sudden?

In many ways that's how most people look at many things. We don't really appreciate things until they're gone. Maybe you too are one of them. You don't appreciate your job, spouse, business, children, team, leaders, etc, just because you think its their duty to do what they are supposed to do or to even please you. You don't appreciate "your sun" because you think it's its duty to shine on you whether it likes or not. And you want it to shine on you the way you want it to: not too hot not too bright..but just "perfectly".

There are opportunities you have now and they seem to have always been there. Maybe an opportunity to serve others well at your job..opportunity to visit your parents...opportunity to take your spouse or children to vacation..opportunity to visit the orphanage and homeless people... opportunity to serve God by singing,  preaching, writing, etc.. opportunity to start a business...opportunity to buy assets... opportunity to start investment schemes such as buying shares etc... opportunity to go for your dreams...well they all seem to have always been there... They all seem to still be there now — just like the sun!
But are you sure the 'sun of your opportunities' will still be there tomorrow? Are you sure it will still be there next year? Are you even sure if its still out there at all???

Finding that out after "8 minutes" can be so tragic and chaotic for your life. You might not be able to handle the shock. And even if you could you certainly won't be able to replace the sun. Don't think all unsuccessful people were lazy, some just "found themselves in total darkness"

If yo have read WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? by Dr. Spencer Johnson you know what I'm talking about?
Don't be Hem who was shocked to find no cheese and hollered "who moved my cheese" cheese which wasn't HIS in the first place! And then yelled "it's not fair" as if life was meant to be fair at all. Yet that's how most people react when they go to the office one morning only to be told "You employment has been terminated" which to me is  harsher than "YOU ARE FIRED". That's how people react when the opportunity to invest in something is all of a sudden barred by law for reasons best known to the government. That's what happens when you discover your talent in the  evening hours of your life. With most people it becomes so chaotic and then they may become so agitative and dramatize everything to everyone's 'discomfort'. Look, even the opportunity to "serve" God is better taken in your youthful years, according to the Bible. "Remember your creator in the days of your youth..." proclaims Ecclesiastes 12:1! Before the sun has vanished, you bet right.

Be wise enough to look out for your sun, your opportunity, or your CHEESE. Don't be caught unawares. Most people don't recover from the shock. Ask for God's guidance and strength to take on every opportunity that you have always thought of taking.

Before the sun vanishes!

For when it does you may really not know. And when you know it may be too late.

Take your opportunities seriously!
My next article will be on "starting where you are, with what you have"

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I hope this was helpful.

Let me know your thoughts.

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

Jumanne, 15 Desemba 2015

Who Are Your Associates..?


Can you clearly see yourself living your dreams?

Can you see yourself getting there by the company you keep, the friends you have?

There are 4 categories of associates you may have:

Your confidants are those you can share inner things even secrets.. They love you UNCONDITIONALLY. They love you for the long haul. They are people who will come bail you out of jail. They don't care about your money, status, weight looks or future. These are usually few, maybe one or two.

Your constituents are people who are with you because what you are for is what they are for. What you want is also what they want. They see you for the complimenting effect you have on them.

Your comrades are not for you and even not for what you are for. But they are AGAINST WHAT YOU ARE AGAINST.. These are people who JUST SHARE a common enemy with you...once the enemy is eliminated everyone goes on with their life. They were never for you or what you were for. This can be so deceiving especially in politics.

Your compatriots are people who can die for you but only for a season. That is when you want to eliminate what they think should be eliminated. Once the season is over don't expect them. In the right season these can be as many as ever! When the season is gone you'll have trouble locating any.

Now.... which associates do you have?

It's dangerous to associate with a comrade thinking they are a confidant. It's worse to treat your compatriots like your confidants!
You must know where your friends fall. Look at your closest 5 friends... Which category do they fall in?

Can the friends you have take you where you want to go? Can you get there with them?

If you can't then change your friends. Associate with other people who can take you there. It's not sinful to do so. Don't associate with people simply because you say "tumetoka mbali" [we've come a long way together].

Ask yourself this: are they going WHERE you are going?? Be sure they are.
Be sure they aren't just against what you are against! You may "toka mbali" all you want but if all they want in life is to start a tour company to operate in Arusha and what you want is to become the African real estate mogul you better part ways! If their mission is to preach in the villages and yours is to preach to the nations part ways for God's sake!

Don't associate with people who are going to Namanga whereas you are headed to the Philippines!
Don't even invite them in your team or else you surely will be frustrated big time.

So look at your associates today and ask yourself OBJECTIVELY:
~ Are they seeing what you are seeing?
~ Are they making you a big dreamer and big thinker?

If you are the best and smartest person in the group get out fast (while you still can), coz you can't learn anything by being told you are the best.
Associate yourself with people who think you "ain't nobody" as the Americans would put it.

Don't throw your dreams away by pleasing people. You are not here to please anyone. Even God doesn't concern Himself with pleasing anyone. He "goes about His business" as though no one is watching. Humans or no humans, angels or no angels, heaven or no heaven He is still God. He knows He can't please all his creatures. Give them sunshine some won't like it..rain some won't like it.. Give them peace in their land some will say they want war for progress.. Let them have war some will ask where is God when people are suffering like this. Be silent some will say there's no God. Answer them by thunder and lightning and some will say what kind of God scares his own children...etc.. See God Himself cant please everyone. Don't try to outsmart Him. Don't stay in a group because you want to please people. Be yourself.

Value your dreams and vision enough to walk away from associates who aren't adding value to you. Who aren't challenging you to become more. Who aren't challenging you to work harder and sleep less.

Be sure where you are going is WHERE your current associates are also headed. Or you won't get there.

Above all ask God for guidance. Seek and ye shall find. People who are waiting to associate with you are available if you look for them. There's no point to lose your dreams because you wanted your friends to b there with you. Sometimes God doesn't want them near you for a good reason. Find new friends. Where would you be really if you associated with your best kindergarten or pre-school friends?

Look at your dreams today and look at your associates. Then determine if their feet are headed where you are. If not, its time to say good-bye, or, even adieu!

All in my upcoming book....
Watch this space..

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa

Jumanne, 17 Novemba 2015



Kuandika kitabu changu cha kwanza kumenifanya nijifunze mambo mengi sana ya kimaisha ambayo sikuwahi kujifunza au hasa kuyatilia maanani..

Mojawapo ni kwamba maisha yetu ni kitabu.

Yes, maisha yako ni kitabu.
Na ni wewe unayekiandika. Sasa naongea  kwa live experience. Kazi ya kuandika ni kazi kubwa inayohitaji siyo tu uweke akili yako hapo bali na moyo wako wote hapo. Kuna wakati unaweza kusema sijui niishie hapa? Lakini unaamua kusema hapana nitaifanya kazi hii na kulipa gharama ya kutafuta maarifa kwa kusoma vitabu, Ku interview watu, kuangalia videos mbalimbali kuhusu nachoandikia, kuwauliza wazee kuhusu mambo ya zamani, kujifunza kuhusu Ulimwengu unakoenda kupiga magoti kumwomba Mungu na kukaa mezani muda wa kutosha kuandika na kupanga na kupangua mambo.. Kifupi mpaka kitabu kikamilike kazi kubwa imefanyika!

Sasa katika maisha yako unaandika kitabu pia. Bahati mbaya sana kila mtu ana size ya kitabu chake. Yaani siku za maisha yake.  Kuna wenye kurasa nyingi Halafu hawajajitambua so kurasa nyingine wanazipita bila kuandika chochote, kuna wenye kurasa chache lakini wamejitambua. Ni kama Ulimwengu wa vitabu. Kuna vitabu kidogo tu kama THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON (Mtu Tajiri Zaidi Wa Babeli) lakini vina nondo za kufufuka mtu. Na kuna vitabu vikuubwa namna hii.. (Hahaaa kama unaona mikono yangu) lakini huenda manufaa yake yakawa kiduchu kabisa.

Je, maisha yako umeshajua ni kitabu kikubwa au kidogo? Chembamba au kipana?
Usikute upo kurasa za mwisho mwisho tena za kakitabu kadogo halafu unaishi kama mtu ambaye yuko kurasa za katikati za kitabu kikubwa chenye kurasa nyiingi sana. Ndiyo maana yule nabii wa kale alioongelea kuomba Mungu atufundishe kuhesabu SIKU a.k.a kurasa za maisha yetu. Ni hatari sana kufa bila kumaliza kusudi halafu watu wanadhani kila kifo ni premature kumbe muda wako umeisha na spika wa bunge kakwambia ukae! Whether point zako zimeisha au ulikuwa hujamaliza "muda umeisha muheshimiwa tuwape nafasi wengine pia tafadhali kaa chini au microphone yako itazimwa!" Sasa wewe badala ya kupanga point mapema ungali na muda wa kuandika kitabu chako upo tu unashukuru Mungu kwa kukuumba kila siku ukiamka na kulala asante Mungu kwa Zawadi ya uhai. Sawa basi ongea point basi twende mbele. What are you doing na huo uhai sasa?

Ajabu ukiona wengine wanaandika vitabu vyao unashangaa. Write your book. Na kuna kazi kubwa. Wengine wameishia kwenye introduction tu mwaka wa 10 sasa hivi hawajafanya kitu. Mungu kakupa ndoto kichwani hutaki kuifata. Kwa sababu unaona hauko comfortable. Nani alikwambia uliumbwa uje kuwa comfortable? Write your book.  Usiishi maisha ya mtu mwingine. Ishi maisha YAKO. Hey, unaandika kitabu CHA KWAKO ati.

Je kitabu chako ni kikubwa? Au kidogo? Lazima ujue. Maandalizi ya kuandika kitabu cha kurasa 40 na kitabu cha kurasa labda 200 ni vere vere vere tofauti. Yawezekana maisha yako yanapaswa yawe majibu kwa mtu au watu walioko Lima, Perth, Seoul au Quebec lakini wewe unahangaika ku IMPRESS watu wa Sinza kwa Remmy! Uaikute maisha yako yanapaswa kusaidia hata nchi nzima hii au bara lote au hata dunia. Lakini wewe unahangaika kushindana na watu usiowajua Instagram. Uliza Mungu kama hujajua ukubwa au udogo wa kitabu chako mapema.  Usije ukaja kuuliza ukaambiwa una kurasa chache tu zimebaki sasa sijui utaandika conclusion ya nini .

Write your book. Na usione wivu wowote kitabu cha mwingine kikiwa labda kikubwa. Kazi ya kukiandika pia anayo kubwa zaidi kuliko wewe. Andika cha kwako.
Usiishi bila kuwa na positive impact yoyote. Acha alama nzuri katika uso wa dunia ukijua kuwa ukifa tu wewe na Mungu mnaanza kupitia ukurasa mmoja mmoja.


Maisha yako ni kitabu.
Kiandike vizuri

Jumapili, 15 Novemba 2015




I greet you in the name of #humanity.

I don't know who you are or what you really are for. Although I know that all of you who stand as ISIS, were created human too. What you have become not only do I not know but also don't wish to know.

I have become accustomed to horrible tales of victims and survivors of your actions. I have increasingly seen the mess that you leave behind after your acts of terror. I have quietly prayed for you to come back to your senses and for your spirits to know God for who He TRULY is. But now I feel that even though I will never stop praying for you, but I have to speak my mind and let you know what you should.

There's is a reason we are human. And ability to terrorize others has never been and never will be one of them. And with this I speak not only to you but to ALL perpetrators of terror in all its forms whoever they may be wherever they may be. The reason we are human is so that we should co-exist seek God and do good. And that is deeply engraved in our psyche, our very being.
No one can cheat their own soul.

But you have become the reason for much suffering of those not concerned with your agendas. The little babies and children who are orphaned by your terror attacks. The  poor souls going about their lives only to be interrupted with gunshots bomb explosions and the resulting deaths, injuries,  wars, family separation by displacements and even refugee situations all of which most of your victims never easily recover from.
What you gain from it I have always wondered.
And I know you also do although you stubbornly try hard to convince yourselves otherwise.

You have resolved to taking matters into your own hands and in your own "sagely wisdom" a decision to murder people, more so those who have no way of ever knowing how they wronged you, becomes the chess game you play on your own.

What you don't see, and perhaps because your obsession with seeing the blood of innocent people flow has blinded your sight, is that humanity has increasingly joined hands not only to condemn your actions but also to heal the affected and mend the broken hearts. Can't you see that you are losing? I'm sure you do.
So why not come back?

You always seem to take pride in announcing that you were responsible for the terror attacks. Well, I guess that satisfies your egos. For deep down, your own hearts are bleeding with pain. You don't sleep, you don't enjoy life, you don't even worship God as he deems fit, you do Him a disservice by what you do..you  don't gain anything worthwhile, yet you try to fool us all that you are happy. No you aren't. Your hearts are bleeding. Your minds are shouting to you urging you to come back.

Those of you who die in your cause are a waste. That's the truth. Whose truth, you ask. Humanity's. For humanity has stood as one in one accord. In one voice. "Voxi Populi, Voxi Dei" I'm sure you do know. So yes your own dead are a waste. Some of the good hearts gone bad. Some of the brightest minds wasted in a lost cause. Some of those who would have become the very solutions to the very situations you are attempting to resolve by worsening. How sad it has become. The once good people dragging each other to the "grave" with a rope of innocent blood and believing - or indeed doubting I believe - that even theirs is a service to the Almighty. Leaving the scene having never lived at all. Having never made the world any better than you found it! Why choose to live in hiding and fear while you can be like the rest of humanity living in the open and walking freely being human like the loving souls you have been murdering and terrorising? Why choose  to worsen the wound instead of working together to heal it? Why try to cheat your own hearts knowing it to be a fruitless endeavour? For every time you hit, humanity wins.
This should tell you that you are working against humanity and you are losing.

And now that HUMANITY has WON yet again by joining our hands with the French and praying with them than ever before while our hearts speak #TheFrenchLanguageOfLove in unison do you wish for more blood so you can witness more and more of what HUMANITY is made of? Think about that. Do you watch it when the candles are lit and little children and adults alike stand as one, rich and poor, people of all races, all nations, all religions, even those without one, all people but you, standing as ONE to show what humanity is all about? I bet you do. And I know you see it. And you hate it. For you have become humanity's enemy or you wouldn't hurt hearts in the first place. So yes you can see us standing as one even from your hideouts. And you know that humanity stands as one even in this hour when someone in Cape Town, Juba, Windhoek, Lagos, Tunis, Melbourne, Beijing, Delhi, Seoul, Manchester, Glasgow, Dallas, Doha and Beirut is praying for a fallen soul in Paris. When global monuments are showing solidarity in French national colours and flags are flying at half mast to show that humanity has won. Yes you see and you know. That's the bliss I know you are missing.

For if you don't you will always miss this part of the human soul. This bliss. You'll live in complete separation of that which you are a very part of. And isn't that the irony?
You'll live and leave as a wasted lot. #ComeBackToHumanity. Come back and see for yourselves what it is like to be TRULY HUMAN. What it is to stand as ONE.

I am not to judge your afterlife. For there's only one rightful judge for that. But I'm here to ask you to come back. To ask you to retake your mind. To retake your psyche.
To regain your consciousness.
To stop murdering innocent people.

#ComeBackISIS. Enough blood now. Come back and let's make it better than we found it. This way we will even win back the others. Even the very ones you are trying to "show your muscles" to. Those you are trying to fight. For humanity has never failed and never will. Humanity will A-L-W-A-Y-S win.
#ComeBackToHumanity. And you'll see that humanity has always been on your side.

Yours in the name of humanity.


Jumamosi, 10 Oktoba 2015



If God (or whomever or whatever you  think is responsible for sustaining your life here on earth) asked you today, right at this moment why you should not be dead yet, what would your answer be?

Many people are living a dull life. Kind of vainly repeating all their yesterdays. Going through life like an airport's conveyor belt with no luggage on it. Just going through a certain circle everyday. Monotony. Every year. Every decade if they are luckier to live another. And they wonder why life is empty for them.

I am a firm believer in God and I believe that God put us here for a reason. Not to just exist and then die. We are here for a reason. You, my friend, are here for a reason.

The all important question in your life would therefore be that million dollar self-query: "WHY AM I HERE? or "WHAT AM I HERE FOR?". If you have never asked yourself that question before then I suggest that you do. Your life is likely to take an entirely different course towards a better ending if you do. And if you don't, well, you are likely to go on living the same life you've been living and chances are you are most likely to get the same results out of life as you have always been getting.

So, WHY ARE YOU HERE REALLY? To go to school, get (good) grades, get a (good) "secure" job, (get married), get kids of your own, pay bills and them TAXES, retire, join the pensioners' club and then die (or whatever you believe will happen to you at the end of your life)?
Is that it?
I mean, really?
Think again.

There are many ways you can find out about what it is that your life was meant to fulfil.

~ I suggest that you first look deep inside of you and discover what you think your life is all about. What gives you not only satisfaction but FULFILMENT. Remember if you live a life that is empty (in the sense that you don't know what it is all about) you are likely to just fit in. Never will you stand out. You are likely to just swim with the stream - like dead fish. You are likely to blend with the rest of the people around. You are likely to be hired to fulfil other people's purposes in life - their dreams. And you are likely to arrive at the end of your life dissatisfied with your achievements - or lack thereof, disappointed with yourself and UNFULFILLED. And I tend to think that is the saddest you will ever get. Knowing that you wasted your entire life living a complete LIE. Deceiving yourself with the most common lie I have ever heard:  THAT'S LIFE. See, whenever people tell me "That's Life" I tend to ask myself, "WHOSE?"
So think about it my friend. Look deep inside of you. Set a quiet time and do this exercise seriously. You are about to make the most important discovery of your life!

~ You should also read books. It's funny that when I talk to people about reading they somehow find some excuse for not reading. Listen my dear friend. Read books. And this comes down to your willpower. Are you really willing to discover your life purpose? Then read them books. There are quite a number of books the tackle the subject in question squarely.
Some of the most relevant books that can really help you include:


~ If, like me,  you are a believer in higher power you should also pray and ask for guidance. I believe that these things are spiritual and as such need a spiritual approach as well.

All in all knowing your life purpose helps shape your life and makes you live it with more focus, passion and resolve.
You are more likely to arrive at the end of your life more fulfilled and content than most folks.

It's not enough that you were born. It's not enough that you are alive. You must find out why you were born, why you are alive. If you haven't found out yet why you were born and why you are alive then you haven't started living yet.
So, again, my friend...


Cheers and best of luck!

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

Ijumaa, 11 Septemba 2015




Hapa Sinza kuna mahali panaitwa Sinza Makaburini. (Nadhani unaelewa kwa nini panaitwa hivyo). Kuna siku nilikuwa narejea nyumbani kutoka kwenye "mishe mishe" zangu. Late night. Saa nne hivi usiku. Nikapita eneo hilo upande zinakopaki taxi kwa wanaopafahamu. Niko natembea kwa mguu. Nimechoka. Ninawaza mambo yangu yalivyoenda siku hiyo. Ghafla nikasikia sauti ndani mwangu from nowhere inanambia: "Angalia hilo kaburi palee". Of course nikaangalia. Ile sauti ikaniambia hivi: " Huyo mtu alikuwa na ndoto kubwa kuliko za kwako, lakini nilishamchukua. Hayupo tena duniani" Halafu basi sauti ikapotea. Can you imagine? Kwanza moyo ukadunda balaa.. Si unajua..? Teh. Halafu akili ndo ikarejea japo hayo yote yalikuwa kama ndani ya sekunde 10 tu hivi!! Nikajua Mungu alikuwa anasema na mimi kitu kuhusu ndoto zangu. Maana yake yule mtu kwenye lile kaburi MUDA wake uliisha kabla ndoto zake kubwa (kuliko za kwangu) kutimia. Na ndivyo inavyokuwa kwa watu wengi. Nilifikiria usiku wote siku ile. Ni true story hii. Niliwaza sana kuhusu maisha yangu that night.

Hii inanirudisha miaka kadhaa iliyopita. Nilipokuwa nimeajiriwa.  Nilipenda sana kuwahi kazini alfajiri ili kupata muda wa kuomba, kusoma vitabu na kuota ndoto zangu za maisha.  Stanbic Bank HQs...Sehemu ambayo sitaisahau kwa sababu ya mambo meengi sana ikiwemo jambo hili. I will always love that place. Mara nyingi nilifika kazini saa 12 kasoro na hivyo nilikuwa na muda mwingi wa kukaa parking kusoma kuomba na kuota ndoto zangu mpaka saa moja na nusu yaani nusu saa kabla ya muda wa kazi. Huo ulikuwa ulimwengu mwingine. Ulimwengu niliokutana na Mungu kila asubuhi halafu baada ya hapo nikawa na kina Robin Sharma (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Who Will Cry When You Die, Family Wisdom, Leadership Wisdom, The Leader Who Had No Title), kina Ryuho Okawa (An Unshakable Mind), Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), kina Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad na Cash Flow Quadrant) Zig Ziglar (How to Raise Positive Kids in a Negative World) Sergio Bambaren (The Dolphin - Story of a Dreamer) na vingine kadha wa kadha..

Kama umewahi kusoma kitabu ukahisi mwandishi alitumwa akuandikie wewe basi ndo ilivyokuwa kwangu. Nilipata mawazo mapya chanya na vitabu vilinipa pia nguvu na mwamko mpya wa kuota ndoto upya. Ndoto nzuri. Ndoto kubwa. Vitabu vilinifanya nione maisha yangu kwa mtazamo mpya na mpana. Ndoto zangu ziliongezeka ukubwa kila kitabu kipya kilipoingia ufahamuni mwangu. Mwishowe nikaona niache kazi (ku-resign) ili kuzifuata ndoto zangu mpya.

Halafu nikaanza safari ya kuzifuata ndoto zangu. Sasa hapa ndo nataka kuongelea zaidi leo.

Kuna mambo kadhaa niliyoyaobserve wakati naanza kuzifuata ndoto zangu.

Vijana wengi wa rika langu au chini yangu walihisi nimepata dili jipya au nimepata kazi nyingine ya maana nk. Na wengine waliojua nataka kuanza maisha ya biashara hawakujali sana (kuhofia) kuhusu maisha yangu yatakuwaje maana walijua bado ni kijana na nikishindwa huko niendako labda ntarudi kazini hata kama siyo pale. Kwa kifupi mtazamo wa vijana walio wengi ulikuwa "GO GET IT MAN" au "SEE YOU MAN". Whatever it was. Walichukulia "poa" tu ngoja kijana akaangalie ustaarabu mwingine mwenyewe. Lakini wengi wao hawakuwa tayari kufanya maamuzi binafsi ya aina hiyo.

Kwa heshima kubwa ya watu wazima wengi nilijifunza kitu kikubwa sana kwao katika kipindi hiki. Asilimia 99% ya watu wazima wote niliokutana nao kipindi hicho walinishauri nirudi kazini kwanza, na wengine walinioffer ajira kwa kuona potential waliyoifahamu ndani yangu, na wengine kunihofia sana kuhusu future yangu ingekuwaje bila ajira ya kueleweka iikizingatiwa kuwa niliacha kazi katika ofisi yenye jina kubwa mjini ambapo vijana wengi wangependa kufanya kazi. Tena ajira ya kwanza maishani halafu baada ya miaka miwili tu ya kuajiriwa.
Kitu walichofanya wote hawa ilikuwa kunishauri kama watu wanaonijali kabisa na nitawashukuru kila siku kwa kunijali hivyo. Lakini sikufuata ushauri wao licha ya kuwaheshimu sana. Sikufuata ushauri wao  sababu tu ya nguvu ya ndoto na maono yangu ambayo wengine sikuwa na uwezo wa kuwafafanulia katika lugha ambayo wangeielewa. Kiukweli wapo walioniona "much know" na wengine waliodhani "nimetupiwa" kitu. Wengine waliona nina haraka na maisha. Na kiukweli wote niliwaelewa tu.
Lakini niliona jambo fulani pia kwa kundi hili la watu wazima. Tulikuwa tukitazama suala la ku-RISK kwa macho tofauti kabisa. Au lensi tofauti. Lensi mbinuko na lensi mbonyeo.
Kilikuwa kipindi muhimu sana kwangu.

Kitu kikubwa nilichokiangalia zaidi ya vyote ni mtazamo wangu binafsi. Nilikuwa nikiwaza zaidi kuhusu uhusiano wa NDOTO ZANGU na NGUVU ZANGU. Nilijua nguvu zangu zilikuwa zikiongezeka kama kijana zinaongezeka lakini sikujua lini zitaanza kupungua. Na hilo lilinifikirisha sana. Nilizingatia sana hilo na kuona ni vema nianze kutumikia ndoto zangu ningali na nguvu zangu mifupani mwangu.....

~ Nianzishe vitu na kushindwa ningali kijana ili nijue mapema nini hakifanyi kazi.
~ Nianguke mara nyingi na kuinuka mara nyingi zaidi ningali na nguvu za kunyanyuka mara nyingi zaidi.
~ Nijue mimi ni mtu wa aina gani mapema na kurekebisha yanayonipasa kurekebisha kila inipasapo..ningali kijana.
~ Nisafiri huko na kule kujenga msingi wa kutimiza ndoto zangu ningali na nguvu na muda wa kufanya hivyo...ningali kijana.
~ Nithubutu kujaribu mambo magumu mapema ningali na nguvu za kupambana.. Ningali kijana.
~ Nichekwe na kusemwa mapema ningali na moyo wa kutosononeka nikichekwa.. ningali kijana.
~ Niutest uwezo wangu wa kufikiri na kuijaribu akili yangu pasipo vyeti vya shule wala CV
~ Niwaandikie watoto na wajukuu Mungu atakaoikirimia familia yangu historia ya wao kuiga na kujifunza mapema. Ningali kijana.
~ Nijifunze namna ya kuandaa watu wa kwenda nao kwenye kutimiza ndoto na maono yangu na watu wa kuyaendeleza nitakayoanzisha..ningali kijana.
~ Nijifunze wapi pa kupata msaada nitakapokuwa peke yangu bila mtu yeyote wa kunisaidia bila godfather, bila mjomba, bila pesa benki, bila mali, bila cheo, bila kutumia jina kubwa la kampuni, bila cheti chochote.

Pamoja na kwamba ndo kwanza safari yangu imeanza lakini ninamshukuru Mungu kwa maamuzi niliyoyafanya. Ni karibu miaka mitano sasa na nimejifunza mambo mengi na ya msingi sana sana katika kipindi hicho kifupi. Najua safari ya kutimiza ndoto zangu ndo imeanza. Yaani nikiangalia ndoto zangu na nilipo sasa hivi ndo kwanza "majogoo". Ndo nafungasha mabegi kuanza safari. Ila sasa ramani ninayo. Siyo kama nilipoanza miaka minne iliyopita. Namshukuru Mungu kuna mambo muhimu ya msingi kuhusu hiyo safari nimeshayapata. Nimefanya makosa mengi sana, sana, na siwezi kusema sasa nimeshamaliza kufanya makosa. La hasha. Makosa mpaka kina Jack Ma, Richard Branson, waliobobea kwenye ujasiriamali bado wanafanya makosa mpaka leo. Ila ninamaanisha tu makosa ya mtu anayeanza biashara mengi nimeshajifunza. Lengo langu ni kukutia moyo kuanza kufuata ndoto zako mapema. Maana kuna kukosea kwingi na inahitaji muda wa kuweza kujifunza kutokana na makosa.. Kuna kupotea kwingi pia na kurudi tena pale ulipopotelea kuanza moja. Kama ukipotea ukiwa na miaka 60 unaweza kusema dah basi tena. Lakini ukipotea  ukiwa na miaka 25 je, si ni rahisi kurejea na kuanza moja tena maana umri na nguvu vinaruhusu. Ukiwa na miaka 60 ukigombea Ubunge unataka upate tu iwe isiwe maana miaka imeenda. Ukiwa na miaka 24 je? Kupata au kukosa inakuwa kama siyo ishu kivile. Ndo nachomaanisha hapa.

Watu wengi huwa na ndoto kubwa. Kuliko za kwangu. Kama yule mtu kwenye kaburi. (Usisahau)
Lakini hawana uthubutu wa kuzifuata ndoto hizo MAPEMA kwa gharama iwapasayo. Kwa hiyo wanabaki na frame nzuri ya vioo ukutani ambayo haina picha yoyote ndani yake. Hawajui thamani ya fremu ni picha iliyopo ndani yake.
Watu wengi wanakaa na kufurahia kichwani ndoto zao na kuona namna zitakavyokuwa nzuri SIKU ZIKITIMIA. Halafu wanafuta vumbi kwenye fremu tupu ya vioo. Ili iwe safi. Bila kujua nguvu za kutimiza maono ni nyingi zinahitajika. Na muda huenda ukawa mchache sana. Wana fremu na picha imebaki kichwani. Hawataki kujifunza kuchora picha zao wenyewe.  Wanatumia muda wao mwingi na nguvu zao nyingi kuchora picha za watu wengine. Wao wako na fremu tupu. Na picha zao zingechorwa ni nzuri mno kuliko za huyo wanayemchorea. Wanafurahia asante kutoka kwa mwenye picha inayochorwa. Wanadhani ndiyo mwisho.
Muda unakwenda nguvu zinapungua.

Halafu wanastuka muda ukiwa umeenda. Moyo wa kurisk ukiwa umeanza kupotea. Hamu ya kuchora picha zao ikiwa imeshaanza kupotea, nguvu za kukimbizana na makopo ya rangi zikiwa zimeanza kupungua au hata kwisha. Nadhani unanielewa. Utayari wa kujichafua kwa rangi na kuchekwa ukiwa umeshapotea. Reality inawakumbusha kuwa inabidi wachore picha zao mwenyewe (kutimiza ndoto/maono) kama kumbukumbu kuwa waliwahi kuwepo duniani pia. Wanakuta moyo wa kuchora haupo tena. Fremu pia zilishapata kutu. Hazina mvuto tena. Halafu picha waliyokuwa nayo kichwani wakiwa vijana wanahisi huenda waliona vibaya. Labda ulikuwa ujana. Kuota ndoto kubwa kubwa. Mbona wengine wamezeeka bila kuchora. Labda ni sawa tu kutochora. Akiwaza waliochora picha zao wenyewe anajisemea hao wana bahati sana. Anakufa na ndoto kichwani. Kama yule mtu kwenye lile kaburi.

Angalia sana jambo hili. Huenda pia una ndoto kubwa kuliko za kwangu. Angalia Mungu asije kukutolea mfano kwa wenye ndoto wengine. Kuwa ulikuwa na ndoto kubwa weeee kichwani mpaka muda wako ukaisha.

Huenda huu ni ujumbe muhimu kwako. Kama ndivyo fanyia kazi. Watu wengi huua ndoto zao wakiwa na miaka 20 hadi 30. Baada ya hapo wanaishi ndoto za wengine.
Usiwe miongoni mwao Mungu hawezi kukutolea mfano halafu asikudai. HAKIKA atakudai.
"Ulifanya nini na ndoto niliyokupa kichwani mwako?"
"Ulifanya nini na maono niliyokuwekea moyoni mwako?"
Mungu atakuuliza.
Sasa sijui utamwambia "Ulinipa (ndoto/uwezo/kipaji) kidogo nikaamua kukitunza ili nisije nikakiharibu angalau nikirudishe kwako kikiwa intact" Unajua atakujibuje? Kasome Mathayo 25:28-30 kuna mfano unaohusu hili jambo squarely.
Au utamwambia Mungu nirudishe tena tafadhali nimejifunza. Wazungu wanasema WHEN THE CURTAIN IS DOWN THE SHOW IS OVER hata kama uliipenda vipi show ikiisha imeisha. Pazia likishushwa show imeisha.
Kama yule mtu kwenye kaburi.

Kumbuka tu tena nguvu na muda wako vikiisha utafanya nini na ndoto zako kubwa kichwani? Kama nilivyouliza kwenye title ya ujumbe huu: NGUVU NA MUDA VIKIISHA MWENYE NDOTO ATAFANYA NINI?
Do something before it's curtain time for you!

Yes better do something now. And good luck. Walimu wa kukufundisha wapo wengi tu.
Wewe tu.

Na kama unatamani kujifunza chochote kwangu binafsi nitafute tu kwa WatsApp #o752366511.

When my curtain is down I want to be done with my race.
What about YOU?

Semper Fi,




Ni siku #nyingine tena. Na leo niongee kitu kingine tena. Huenda umeshasoma message zangu nyingi hasa LIFE BEGINS AT 40  (uhalisia wa maisha huanza ukifika umri wa miaka 40) ya kwanza na ya pili ambazo zimesomwa na watu weengi zaidi toka nianze kuandika. Usisome tu ukaishia kuwaforwadia wengine  halafu ukaachia hapo. Fanyia kazi.

Okay.. Nimekuwa nikisafiri nchi hii huku na kule kwa shughuli binafsi na pia biashara. Okay safari za ndani ya nchi zinakufanya ujue nchi yetu hii ikoje kama vile safari za nje zinavyofanya ujue nchi zingine maisha yakoje.

Safari nyingi huwa nasafiri kwa njia ya mabasi. Nimekuwa nikijifunza mengi sana kutoka kwa watanzania wasafiri wenzangu. Na mojawapo ya vitu nilivyojifunza ni kuwa UKITAKA KUJUA MTU ANAWAZA NINI ANGALIA VITU ANAVYONUNUA.

Ukiwa stendi ya Ubungo kuna wachuuzi  wa vitu mbalimbali mle ndani wanapita yalipopaki mabasi madirishani na wengine huingia ndani ya mabasi. Wengi wanauza maji, mikate, juisi, matunda, magazeti, vitabu, leso, simu, flash, power bank, miwani, nk. Sasa ukiwa pale unaweza kuona mtu ananunua kila kitu kwenda nacho huko mkoani lakini siyo KITABU.

Sasa huwa najiuliza. Hivi nyie ndugu zetu kutoka huko kwetu mikoani mkija Dar huwa mnaona tu nguo na juisi na mikate vitabu hamuoniiiiii au????? Mtasema labda vya kidhungu.. Mbona vya kiswahili vipo viiingi tu..!!
Mbinu za Kupata Kazi
Mbinu za Kufanikiwa katika Maisha
Mbinu za Kufanikiwa Katika Biashara.
Mbinu za Kuanzisha Biashara.
Siri za Kutoka Umaskini Hadi Mafanikio
Mbinu za Kupata Mtaji
Mbinu za Kupata Masoko..
Nk nk

Hivi hamjaona tu..? Yaani kila siku mnanunua tu magazeti kuona nini kipya leo toka enzi na enziiii na enzi.. Vichwa vya habari vya magazeti havitabadili maisha yako. Ulishasoma habari ngapi:

nk nk!

Nunueni vitabu aisee. Mna uwezo wa kuibadili nchi hii na kubadilisha taswira ya maisha huko bila kuhitaji watoto waje wajenge huko. Mtajenga wenyewe na hawa wanaokatalia mjini mtaona wanakuja  tu. Vitabu vina maarifa mengi sana na huenda ukawa hujajua hilo bado.
~ Vitabu ni vitamu kuliko juisi ya Azam.
~ Vitabu vinakata kiu kuliko maji ya Uhai
~ Vitabu vinatoa habari muhimu sana kuliko ITV
~ Vitabu vinaleta matokeo mazuri sana kuliko Simba 5 Yanga 0
~ Vitabu vinajenga msingi imara zaidi kuliko Twiga Cement
~ Vitabu vitakufikisha mbali zaidi ya basi la Shabiby

Sijui niseme nini zaidi ili twende sawa?
Utajiri mkubwa uko huko mikoani lakini sababu ya kukosa maarifa utajiri huo utafaidiwa na watu wa Kinondoni na siyo Simiyu au Njombe. Someni vitabu. Vitabu vitawafanya mpate maarifa ya kumiliki uchumi na utajiri ambao Mungu aliuweka kwenye mipaka yenu. Sasa nyie mpo mpo tu halafu mmekaa na ardhi ipo tu mnalishia ng'ombe miaka nenda rudi mpaka inamomonyoka mnahamia ardhi nyingine ugomvi kila siku na wakulima.  Ufugaji wa kisasa upo hamjui kwa sababu upo kwenye vitabu. Mna uwezo wa kumilikishwa ardhi mkaitumia kufanikiwa ila maarifa hayo hayapatikani kwenye front page ya Nipashe. Someni vitabu. Mtaishia kuchoma moto mashamba ya wawekezaji au kuvamia migodi na bado maisha yenu hayatabadilika. Mtaishia kuchagua viongozi wakawawakilishe bungeni halafu nyie mkae mnywe viroba na kusikiliza bunge redioni na kusubiri maisha bora. Ndo maana na wao wamelifanya bunge kama sehemu ya kubadilishia maisha yao. Mtabadili wabunge, mtabadili vyama, mtabadili mpaka nguo badala ya kuvaa kijani mvae nyekundu na blue lakini nasema hivi kama hamna maarifa nyinyi wenyewe mtakaa kweli kweli.

Sikia, kipato chako hakiongezwi na mwajiri wako au serikali. Ni wewe mwenyewe. Lakini kama unachonunua wewe ni vocha, juisi na magazeti aisee daah utakaa sana. Mwanamama mmoja maarufu wa Ujerumani Helen Keller ambaye alizaliwa kipofu aliwahi kusema: KITU KIBAYA ZAIDI YA KUZALIWA KIPOFU NI KUZALIWA NA MACHO YANAYOONA HALAFU UKAKOSA UWEZO WA KUONA MBELENI (SIGHT without VISION). Sasa uwezo wa kuona mbeleni unakuja kwa maarifa.
Hata Biblia inasema WATU WANGU WANAANGAMIA KWA KUKOSA MAARIFA. Unaona mambo hayo? Ukombozi wako uko mikononi mwako mwenyewe. Ukombozi wa familia yako si kazi ya bosi wako.
Mafanikio ya kizazi chako si kazi ya Serikali. Kama hutaki kukubali endelea kumsubiri Magufuli aje akufanye wewe uanze kutumia jiko la umeme au gesi badala ya mkaa. Utashangaa nyumba yako iko karibu na bomba la gesi lakini unapikia kuni. Halafu unalaumu serikali. Soma vitabu upate maarifa. Utashangaa namna utakavyopata MTAZAMO tofauti sana kuhusu maisha. Kila kitu chako kitabadilika. Hutolaumu mtu wala serikali.
Sasa nyie kujisomea bado..haya basi hata kuwasikiliza watu waliojisomea hamtaki. Au uongo? Nyie mnataka kusikikiza politiki tu. Akija #Slaa, au #Magufuli au #Zito Kabwe haooo mnajaa. Akija #EricShigongo au James Mwang'amba hata hamwendi. Sijui hata kama mnawajua.

Halafu na nyinyi wasomi mlioko mikoani hivi mmeenda kugonga mihuri tu na kusaini mafaili jamani. Hebu watu waone mkiiathiri jamii kwa kuambukiza watu hamu ya kutafuta maarifa. Sasa wewe mwalimu wa Sekondari au afisa wa serikali au meneja wa benki mtu akija kwako kumejaa CD za bongo movie na magazeti ya Udaku. Umenunua bodaboda kuna kijana anaendesha anakuletea posho jioni unaona maisha yameishia hapo. Hebu waonyesheni mfano watanzania huko mliko. Someni vitabu. Na wataanza kuiga mfano na wengi mtajikuta mnapata maarifa sahihi. Huko huko Simiyu, Namanga, Mtera, Kasulu, Dumila, Shirati, Bihalamuro, nk mtafanikiwa kweli na kuwafanya watu wakutafute wewe kujifunza mafanikio. Haijalishi elimu yako. Amua tu kuanza kusoma vitabu. Sasa nyie stendi za huko kwenu mnauza vitunguu tu na nyanya na vikapu na mahindi ya kuchemsha hakuna mwenye wazo la kuuza vitabu? Haya Sasa hata mkija huku mnataka bado mnunue mahindi na juisi na karanga halafu basi. Hebu badilisheni hilo mtaona mabadiliko makubwa sana. Kumbuka tu wapo watakaokucheka lakini ipo siku watakuita uwafundishe kuhusu mafanikio!
Tena utaitwa mpaka huko mjini. Mnaweza kufanikiwa huko huko mkajenga hoteli zenye hadhi kubwa na utalii ukafika huko mkaingiza kipato zaidi. Huko huko mkajenga Shule zenye hadhi.. Huko huko maendeleo yakawafata. Makampuni yatawafata. Watalii watawafata. Siyo kila siku watalii wanaishia Arusha tu Ruaha na sehemu kama hizo. Maarifa ni muhimu sana. Soma vitabu. Anza leo. Hakika mtakubali haya maneno siku moja.

Kama unataka kujua zaidi kuhusu vitabu vya kukusaidia, ama kuhusu wazo la biashara, ama mambo ya elimu ya mafanikio kwa ujumla WatsApp #o752366511.

Semper Fi

Andrea G Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.


Kwa muda mrefu nimekuwa kimya kidogo lakini sasa nimerejea.

Mungu awabariki.

Andrea Garsper Muhozya