Jumapili, 15 Novemba 2015




I greet you in the name of #humanity.

I don't know who you are or what you really are for. Although I know that all of you who stand as ISIS, were created human too. What you have become not only do I not know but also don't wish to know.

I have become accustomed to horrible tales of victims and survivors of your actions. I have increasingly seen the mess that you leave behind after your acts of terror. I have quietly prayed for you to come back to your senses and for your spirits to know God for who He TRULY is. But now I feel that even though I will never stop praying for you, but I have to speak my mind and let you know what you should.

There's is a reason we are human. And ability to terrorize others has never been and never will be one of them. And with this I speak not only to you but to ALL perpetrators of terror in all its forms whoever they may be wherever they may be. The reason we are human is so that we should co-exist seek God and do good. And that is deeply engraved in our psyche, our very being.
No one can cheat their own soul.

But you have become the reason for much suffering of those not concerned with your agendas. The little babies and children who are orphaned by your terror attacks. The  poor souls going about their lives only to be interrupted with gunshots bomb explosions and the resulting deaths, injuries,  wars, family separation by displacements and even refugee situations all of which most of your victims never easily recover from.
What you gain from it I have always wondered.
And I know you also do although you stubbornly try hard to convince yourselves otherwise.

You have resolved to taking matters into your own hands and in your own "sagely wisdom" a decision to murder people, more so those who have no way of ever knowing how they wronged you, becomes the chess game you play on your own.

What you don't see, and perhaps because your obsession with seeing the blood of innocent people flow has blinded your sight, is that humanity has increasingly joined hands not only to condemn your actions but also to heal the affected and mend the broken hearts. Can't you see that you are losing? I'm sure you do.
So why not come back?

You always seem to take pride in announcing that you were responsible for the terror attacks. Well, I guess that satisfies your egos. For deep down, your own hearts are bleeding with pain. You don't sleep, you don't enjoy life, you don't even worship God as he deems fit, you do Him a disservice by what you do..you  don't gain anything worthwhile, yet you try to fool us all that you are happy. No you aren't. Your hearts are bleeding. Your minds are shouting to you urging you to come back.

Those of you who die in your cause are a waste. That's the truth. Whose truth, you ask. Humanity's. For humanity has stood as one in one accord. In one voice. "Voxi Populi, Voxi Dei" I'm sure you do know. So yes your own dead are a waste. Some of the good hearts gone bad. Some of the brightest minds wasted in a lost cause. Some of those who would have become the very solutions to the very situations you are attempting to resolve by worsening. How sad it has become. The once good people dragging each other to the "grave" with a rope of innocent blood and believing - or indeed doubting I believe - that even theirs is a service to the Almighty. Leaving the scene having never lived at all. Having never made the world any better than you found it! Why choose to live in hiding and fear while you can be like the rest of humanity living in the open and walking freely being human like the loving souls you have been murdering and terrorising? Why choose  to worsen the wound instead of working together to heal it? Why try to cheat your own hearts knowing it to be a fruitless endeavour? For every time you hit, humanity wins.
This should tell you that you are working against humanity and you are losing.

And now that HUMANITY has WON yet again by joining our hands with the French and praying with them than ever before while our hearts speak #TheFrenchLanguageOfLove in unison do you wish for more blood so you can witness more and more of what HUMANITY is made of? Think about that. Do you watch it when the candles are lit and little children and adults alike stand as one, rich and poor, people of all races, all nations, all religions, even those without one, all people but you, standing as ONE to show what humanity is all about? I bet you do. And I know you see it. And you hate it. For you have become humanity's enemy or you wouldn't hurt hearts in the first place. So yes you can see us standing as one even from your hideouts. And you know that humanity stands as one even in this hour when someone in Cape Town, Juba, Windhoek, Lagos, Tunis, Melbourne, Beijing, Delhi, Seoul, Manchester, Glasgow, Dallas, Doha and Beirut is praying for a fallen soul in Paris. When global monuments are showing solidarity in French national colours and flags are flying at half mast to show that humanity has won. Yes you see and you know. That's the bliss I know you are missing.

For if you don't you will always miss this part of the human soul. This bliss. You'll live in complete separation of that which you are a very part of. And isn't that the irony?
You'll live and leave as a wasted lot. #ComeBackToHumanity. Come back and see for yourselves what it is like to be TRULY HUMAN. What it is to stand as ONE.

I am not to judge your afterlife. For there's only one rightful judge for that. But I'm here to ask you to come back. To ask you to retake your mind. To retake your psyche.
To regain your consciousness.
To stop murdering innocent people.

#ComeBackISIS. Enough blood now. Come back and let's make it better than we found it. This way we will even win back the others. Even the very ones you are trying to "show your muscles" to. Those you are trying to fight. For humanity has never failed and never will. Humanity will A-L-W-A-Y-S win.
#ComeBackToHumanity. And you'll see that humanity has always been on your side.

Yours in the name of humanity.


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