Jumatano, 28 Desemba 2016


In the mind of Elon Musk there's no space for Kim Kardashian's #behind.
In the mind of Elon Musk there's surely space for TESLA and this awesome space project for sending a rocket to MARS.

But in your mind there's enough space for not only Kim Kardashian's behind and her favourite diet and places for vacation but also in your mind there's enough space for her birthday and her friends' names, her hobbies, her pet, her husband's life and first and recent album or songs and their children's names and birthdays among many other things.

In BILL GATES' mind there's no space for who won the lottery and how, who stole  whose wife or husband and when, who wore the best dress on Christmas day,  who posted photos on instagram from abroad and when will they be back, which artist outperformed the other in the last concert. No! That's in your mind.
In Bill Gates mind there's a #vigorous search for the next 50 books to read in 2017. In his mind there's space for how to eradicate malaria in the world.  In  his mind there's space for which communities to help get clean and affordable water and electricity.
But in your mind there's space for "when will the government give you a job"!

That's YOUR mind. I love how Facebook kinda "mocks" you when it says: What's in your mind? Hahaha..  And you're secretly like: "Well, Kim Kardashian's........."

In your mind there's actually more than enough space for more crap than there's space for meaningful things.
In your mind there's actually space for FAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!
Can you imagine that??
And you have the audacity to think that you'll still be successful with that same MINDSET.

And you wonder why you are walking around lifeless.  You wonder why you struggle to smile.  You wonder why you still need an alarm clock to wake you up. You wonder why everything is headed south despite all the effort you put in.
You wonder why you are so waiting for JANUARY 1ST instead of looking forward to the next 5 or 30 minutes. You don't know it's your mind that's holding you back.

And God's looking for whose mind is being put to service for humanity so he can bless and increase that person.
So.. Who should God increase? One who wants a new phone to take more selfish next year, or one who's reading more books to learn how to eradicate a killer disease?

Which one of the two would you bless?

Now listen to me. Here's the problem.
Problem is you don't see yourself as an opening for God to USE to serve His people.  You're not seeing yourself as an opening for the Universe to use to make people's  lives better before your time's up.  It's all about YOU. That's why your mind has enough space for Kim Kardashian.... and Rihanna and the list of her ex-boyfriends.... and Beyonce.... and Gaga... and every other person that has an "entertaining effect" on your mind.  You don't see yourself as a SOLUTION to the woes of people around the world.  You think small because that space for solving problems of the world has been replaced by Kim Kardashian's big behind. And you're happy. And content.  And God's  wondering saying: I PLANTED GOOD SEED IN THIS PERSON'S MIND,  WHO PLANTED WEEDS IN HIS MIND!?

So my friend, reconsider your life.
Rethink your priorities.
God's  WAITING to increase you.  But not with that mindset.

When you come to the end of your life be sure to look back and see a meaningful #legacy.  A life of service to humanity.
Take care of your mind!  We all need a clean you,  a positive you, an ambitious you! Life will reward you greatly for cleaning up your mind!

I'm doing my part, do yours.

Semper Fi,

Andrea G.  Muhozya
Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania,
East Africa.

Jumapili, 18 Desemba 2016


When I was an employee I had a boss who was both schooled and educated. That's rarity you know. Some people are so blinded by the happiness of being just literate that they forget they are still literati!

So back to my boss back then. He had noticed that I had thus weakness of trying to do things that weren't on my JOB DESCRIPTION. So he used to tell me, Andrea, when you come at work every morning have one thing in mind: DO YOUR JOB, THEN GO HOME AND SLEEP! He told me that he had picked that principle from his American colleagues while he was there for his studies. And so I too thought I should share a message around this invaluable principle of life today.

To be able to "DO YOUR JOB" though, you must first know what your job is. That's simple logic, right?

So, my friend, WHAT'S YOUR JOB here on earth?

I have studied several people who achieved success in different areas of life and I've come to realize that they knew/know EXACTLY why they were/are here. See, it's pointless for you to spend most of your life learning how to bark like a dog while you were created a bird. You cant bark my sister. You'll never bark my brother. You simply don't have it wired in you. You will eventually lose interest in it and you won't even know how to sing like other birds.
So why waste your time?

Most people who are working to succeed in life forget that they will never become someone else, no matter what they do or how much they pray or where they go!
It's only God who knows the number of presidents that this country will ever have till Kingdom Come. Are sure you'll be in that number? Coz you are not entitled to anything but what God allows that you should have. Some were created to bear, or to father or mother someone who will become president. Some were created to teach someone who will become president. Some were created to advise someone who will become president. It's only God who knows who will become who and why. Your number one task as a HUMAN being is to find out first why you are here! Why you were created in the first place. Were you created to be an entertainer or an educator? A politician or a nun or monk? A scientist or an athlete? Don't try to become someone else.
Were you created to be THE RICHEST PERSON in the world or in Africa? Coz there will be only ONE richest person at any point in time. So are you one of those?

Jim Rohn did not attempt to become Warren Buffet. Are you hearing me?

Zig Ziglar didn't attempt to become Bill Cosby

Nelson Mandela did not attempt to become a boxing champion.  Mohammad Ali did.

James Allen did not attempt to become Shakespeare

Tony Robbins didn't attempt to become Anorld Schwarzenegger

Michael Jordan didn't attempt to become Ben Carson

Ben Carson attempted to be President of The  United States, but God had Donald Trump in mind. See? Of course time will tell if Carson will ever become president or not.

I'm not trying to shut you down but only put you into perspective.
You must know the area of your success. What did God wire you with? Writing skills? Speaking skills? A beautiful voice? Muscular feet? Super good brain power? What is it that your heart knows you can do better - WITHOUT PAY.

Mother Theresa did not try to become the best gymnast in the world.

I have heard so many dreams from so many people and friends. I came across a lady three years ago who told me she was going to start a big talk show like OPRAH. I asked her: Do you know Oprah's story? She said NO. I told her: Then you don't know what you're talking about.

I was with a colleague of mine yesterday and she told me she wants to become an INTERNATIONAL MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. I simply asked her one question. How do you feel about it, will someone die if you don't become that? She was aback by my question. She had to think about it a lot before saying, faintly, "YES". See, whatever God created you to do you will always feel like someone might die if you don't become what you want to become. You'll feel compelled to work hard to become that person. You won't try copying anyone. You'll be ready to sacrifice everything to get it. Most ladies I meet want to become Oprah. And they just want the glory, they don't even know her real struggles. Her story. You can't be Oprah because your story isn't her story.

See, you must know that not every lady will become Oprah. Genevieve Nnaji will never become Angelina Jolie. Michael Jackson never attempted to be Lionel Richie, let alone attempting to become a Senator or a Navy Seal. Do YOUR job.

You have to know that when you attempt to become what you were not created to be the whole world will conspire to oppose you and remind you you are becoming an intruder. But when you flow in your area not even the entire universe can stop you from getting to the top of that field if you're really determined.

If you're a writer then DO YOUR JOB. Someone needs to read your book so they can become rich. Listen, for more than 30 years Bill Gates has been reading 1 book a week, that's 50 books a year, that's 1500 books in 30 years. But remember those aren't his books. These are books written by other people. These writers did their job and went home and slept (like my boss used to tell me). What they didn't know that they were helping feeding a single human being's mind with so much valuable information enough to elevate him to the top of the world financially.
If these 1500+ or so writers had individually attempted to become the richest person in the world they would have wasted a lot of time and they would have failed. Someone wrote a book titled THINK AND GROW RICH. He did his JOB. And went home to sleep.

So what's your job? Usijaribu kuwa DEWJI au BAKHRESSA tu! You'll be disappointed badly. You must first find out if that's what you are here for? And once you understand this principle you can quit your job or look for a job immediately! You will stop living to please ANYBODY.

The problem I see with most people is that they want to identify themselves with successful people. They want to sing like a certain successful pop star! They want to talk like a certain motivational speaker. They want to dress or make their hair like someone else. They are busy trying to die copies and not trying to live as originals. That's TRAGIC. And an insult to God. You must do your best be the best version of YOURSELF.

So why are you here?
What's your JOB? Do your job and leave well alone.

I took law and realized I wasn't here to become the best lawyer. Law had it's purpose in my life. I went to work for a commercial bank and realized it really wasn't for me. I realized there were things I could do for FREE. Such as doing bness, speaking, writing, etc. I could do them without pay and I would still be not only satisfied but actually FULFILLED. You must search within yourself. Or you'll spend your life trying to be Donald Trump - someone who started with a small loan of a million dollars from his father. Or you'll spend your life trying to be president not knowing you were supposed to start a school where future presidents would get their education.

You started flying, don't finish your life crashing! Bill Gates doesn't ridicule the messages of the writers whose books he reads. He knows they've done their job and gone to sleep. But I know some people on this earth if you gave them the same book that Bill Gates is reading this week and taking notes from they'll probably find faulty with everything the writer says. You know why? Because the message is NOT for them. They're not meant to be the richest person in the world.

Most people will one to the end of their lives and feel so sorry for having wasted a lot of their energy, and time trying to look great, or trying to be someone else. I loved the response of SIMONE BILES, the American gymnast and vault and floor gold medalist who did wonders in the Rio Olympics this year. When congratulated and asked if she felt good to be "the next Michael Phelps" she said "I'M NOT THE NEXT MICHAEL PHELPS, I AM THE FIRST SIMONE BILES"!!!

Wow! You've got to love that love for originality!
In other words she was saying Michael Phelps did his job. I'm doing mine.
That's what I'm talking about!

You've got to identify your SPACE and stay therein. Then do something in that arena and leave the scene as a winner!
Do you wonder why Aliko Dangote isn't trying to become Nigeria's president but a number of his country men and women are working hard to get the job not knowing only one person will get it? That happens in every nation. I'm sure it's not in Bill Gates'mind to be #POTUS.

Most people aren't doing their job. Don't be one of them. Determine from today on that YOU'LL DO YOUR JOB AND GO HOME AND SLEEP.

My boss said so.

Do your job. Don't try to please anyone. God will only ask you how you did what he brought you here to do. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ANSWERS AND YOU CAN SHOW FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR.

Heaven is for people who did their assignments.
Find yours!

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

WhatsApp +255788366511

Alhamisi, 8 Desemba 2016


Wakati niko High School mwalimu wangu wa somo la Historia alipenda kusema kuwa dalili mojawapo ya kutoelekea mafanikio yako ni kuwa na mahusiano ya kila siku (day-to-day) na watu kwa kuwa mambo unayoongea wanayaona ni point kweli kweli. Au kwa kuwa unawazidi pesa au level ya maisha.. Au kuwa na ukaribu na watu sababu tu mnafanya kazi pamoja au mnafanya vitu vya kufanana bila kujali kama kuna value yoyote wanaongeza katika maisha yako. Au kuwa na ukaribu na watu kwa kuwa tu wote mmetokea sehemu moja  - bila ya kujali wanakoelekea na wewe unakoelekea.  Katika hili alipenda sana kutoa mfano wa wakati yeye akiwa Chuo Kikuu jinsi alivyokataa kuwa katika "UMOJA" wa watu wa kabila lake, kwa sababu alikuwa akisema "IT'S NOT ABOUT WHERE YOU COME FROM BUT WHERE YOU'RE GOING". Yaani muhimu siyo wapi unatoka bali wapi unaenda.
Wise man.

Ukichunguza maisha ya watu wengi utagundua kuwa kuna uhusiano mkubwa kati ya level ya maisha yao na watu wanaoji-associate nao.  Hata wewe unaweza kuona hilo. Wataalamu wanaita hii kitu LAW OF ASSOCIATION. Ambayo wanasema kuwa "Wewe ni WASTANI wa watu watano ulio na ukaribu nao zaidi"

Yaani ufahamu wako, pesa zako, mali zako, na hata ndoto zako, huwa zinakuwa ni WASTANI wa vile vya watu wako watano unaoji-associate nao kwa ukaribu. Kwa hiyo ukitaka kubadili level ya maisha yako basi badili tu gia. Gia yenyewe ni nini? Gia ni aina ya marafiki zako watano wa karibu.

Kimsingi kuna MAKUNDI matatu makuu ambayo unatakiwa kuyajua linapokuja suala la watu ulio na ukaribu nao. Or rather, watu walio na ukaribu na wewe.


Hili ni kundi la kwanza. Na hili ni kundi litakalokufanya ushindwe kufikia mafanikio yako. Sasa inawezekana umelelewa katika mazingira ambayo hukuwa ukitambulika kwenu. Na Mungu si Athumani sasa umepiga hatua fulani kiufahamu. Ama kifedha. Ama kiroho. Na hivyo kuna watu wanatamani kuwa tu karibu na wewe. Sasa usiingie mtego wa kuwafanya kuwa your ASSOCIATES. Utarudi nyuma sana. Maana hawa hawana cha maana cha kuadd maishani mwako. Bali they are the takers. They'll take everything you have and give you nothing in return.  Hawa ni watu ambao sometimes wanaona wako entitled kupokea kutoka kwako na siyo kutoa. Usipowasaidia au kuwashauri au kuwainua watakuona mbaya. Be wary of them. My auntie aliwahi niambia usiwasaidie watu mpaka wakaona hakuna haja ya kuomba wala kumtegemea Mungu. Utakuwa wewe umekuwa Mungu wao and God will punish you.

So kundi hili hawana cha kukupa cha maana. They're at the bottom. Ukiwaweka hawa karibu utaishia kulose hata zile gifts ambazo Mungu alikupa. Hawa ni walalamishi. Negative thinking. They have the victim's mentality. Hawatakufikisha popote.
Pause now and think. Je katika watu ulio na ukaribu nao sana kuna watu wa aina hiyo? Cut off the relationship mapema. Anza tu kupunguza u karibu. It's for your own good. And eventually theirs too. Kama una watu ambao kwa mfano una ukaribu nao mwaka mzima huu January till now December but hujapata any value in any way from them ondoka. Wanasema if you are the smartest in the group then leave that group.

Jiangalie je are you the smartest and more knowledgeable and more successful katika kundi ulilopo la marafiki zako au watu wako wa karibu?

Or you'll never grow.


Birds of a feather......! Walijisemea waingereza. And rightly so!

Hapa kuna shida zaidi. Hawa ni watu ambao mpo level sawa kimaisha. Kiufahamu. Etc. Hapa tunaita YOUR COMFORT ZONE. Hapa ni pagumu kutoka kuliko kundi la kwanza. Maana kundi la kwanza ni watu unaweza kusema tu "banae hawa wananitumia tu ngoja niondoke". Lakini kundi hili la watu unaolingana nao,, wote mna "ELIMU YA JUU", okay, wote mna "maisha flani hivi". Sijui unanielewa. Kama ni wanafunzi wote mnategemea mkopo in one way or another. Kama ni wajasiriamali wote mko mnafananafanana hata kama mnafanya vitu tofauti. Kwa kifupi you "speak the same language". Yani unafeel at home ukiwa around nao. Uko nyumbani. Hujisikii kama "intruder". Yani wewe jiangalie hapo ulipo ni watu gani ambao ni "washkaji zako" au "mashosti" wa toka long time. You kind of palled up with them long ago and you kind of don't see yourself moving ahead without them. Hao yani. Watu ambao wakikwambia "Aisee weekend wapi?" Majibu unayo? Watu ambao mnaiva siyo kwa sababu mnasaidiana kugrow ila kwa sababu mko level moja ya maisha. Hao watu ndiyo kitanzi cha wewe kutofikia KILELE CHA MAFANIKIO YAKO. I'm telling you. Huwezi tu kuamua kuwa busy na kucompromise muda wa wewe na wao. Mmekunywa wote bia toka enzi Merryland inavuma hapo ITV kisha mkahamia Break Point baadaye mkaenda Rose Garden nk. Mmetoka "mbali". Hao watu ambao uko nao comfortable  ni kikwazo cha wewe kukua. Sababu kiwango cha muda wako wanachotumia bila kuadd value yoyote ya maana ni kikubwa sana. Hawa watu kitu muhimu duniani kama APPOINTMENT mkipanga kisha ukachelewa hawawezi kukukaripia au "kukusema" ili uone umefanya mistake kubwa. No. Watakuuliza tu maswali ya kijinga "Umepita kwa mchepuko nini??" Coz hata appointment ikiwa ni ya jambo nyeti kabisa but aina ya watu hao ni watu wasio na character ya kukupush kuchukulia mambo serious. Kama unahisi hapo ulipo umepiga hatua basi jaribu kujitenga kidogo na comfort zone yako utashangaa utakavyokwenda mbali zaidi. Watu wengi huishia hapa katika maisha. Wako juu lakini wako kwenye kitu tunaita PLATEAU OF SUCCESS. Kweli kabisa anaonekana amefanikiwa lakini yuko kwenye plateaut. Kuna tofauti ya kupanda ili milima na nyanda za juu kusini na kupanda hadi Kibo ya Kilimanjaro. Ni Kibo tu ambayo dunia nzima itaona umepanda juu kweli kweli. Being the highest point kwa hapa Africa! See? Plateau Success itakufaa kwa sasa lakini siku ukija kugundua badala ya kwenda Nyanda za Juu Kusini ulitakiwa ujikakamue uende kwa Wachaga ukafike Kibo pia utagundua umepoteza muda mwingi sana wa thamani. I'm not trying to tell you kuishi bila marafiki. No I'm trying to tell you marafiki zako *WA KARIBU* wasiwe unaowazidi au mnaolingana tu. Jaribu kupunguza marafiki wa aina mbili katika circle yako ya watu wa karibu uanze kuongeza aina ya tatu ya marafiki.


Kuingiza watu wa aina hii katika circle ya watu wako wa karibu inahitaji UJIKANE NAFSI kwanza. Na hili ndo humu. Kuwa na watu unaowazidi ndo wakawa your CONFIDANTS haihitaji kujikana inahitaji "ujinga" flani  hivi kichwani. Maana kama mipango yako ya ndani na siri zako nk unawashirikisha zaidi watu unaowazidi ambao hawana uwezo wa kucontribute chochote kufikia malengo yako kivile inahitaji uwe umejivika ujinga flani kwanza. Kuwafanya your comfort zone kuwa your CONFIDANTS pia haihitaji kujikana ni kama wajibu maana kila mtu tuko comfortable na mwenzake na hawa ndo huwa wanachomeana kwa wakubwa nk. But kuwa na u karibu na watu MNAOLINGANA haihitaji kujikana. Ila ukitaka katika watu wako wa karibu awemo Dewji unaonaje? Inabidi uifanyie kazi hiyo nafasi siyo? Why? Sababu watu waliofanikiwa huwa wako busy zaidi na mambo yaliyowafanya wafanikiwe. Kiukweli hawana sana muda na vitu kama matokeo ya mpira labda kama anataka kununua timu au ana timu tayari. Hawana muda sana kujua Lema anatoka lini ameonewa au la. Hicho  katika list ya vitu vilivyompa utajiri. Mtoto wa Diamond atapewa jina gani. Hilo halipiti kichwani mwake. Nadhani unaona tofauti sasa?

Ili huyu mtu awe kiongozi mwa watu wako wa karibu basi atakutest kwa vitu vidogo vidogo na kisha vikubwa nk. Anataka kujua unaweza kuaminiwa na information nyeti au uko fragile. Atakupa kitu umwekee umtunzie kisha atakwambia anakihitaji siku 10 baadaye then three days later atakwambia samahani Nina emergency kile kitu naomba umpelekee mtu fulani mahali fulani. Anatest je jibu lako litakuwa na "lakini"? Je utadeliver results au utampa excuses?
Imagine alipewa pesa Fulani ndogo tu labda laki akakuomba umwekee hadi siku 10 ndo ataihitaji na akakwambia sababu kwa nini hataki kukaa na hiyo pesa hapo anajua una shida ya pesa vibaya mno. Maskini unaenda kuitumia ukijua siku kumi kwanza mshahara utakuwa ushatoka afu anakupigia kesho yake tu kuwa inahitaji ka. Tena anakutumia SMS tu. Inahitajika mahali kuna mtu wa karibu nami ana shida muhimu. Akihisi tu response yako inaonyesha uliitumia basi mmeishana.

Mtu aliyefanikiwa atakupima kujua motive yako ya kutaka u karibu na yeye ni ipi? What's your "why"? And the WHY behind that "why"? Atajua tu. Nadhani unaona kwa nini matajiri na waliofanikiwa wanakuwa na marafiki wachache mno. Akiona una deserve attention yake atakuwa na ukaribu na wewe hata kama ni kwa mipaka lakini anajua wewe una DNA ya mafanikio na ya greatness. Ukuu. So utaongeza kitu kwake pia in the long run. Otherwise baki huko huko chini usijenivuta kurudi chini kuliko kwa thinking yako. Negative mind yako. Poverty mindset yako. Watu waliofanikiwa wanajali muda. So ukitaka kuwa na ukaribu naye jijengee tabia ya kukeep time na appointments bila VIJISABABU.

Kundi hili ukifanikiwa kuwa na mmoja tu akawa mtu wako wa karibu. Yani kuna vitu akipata a nakupigia simu tu from nowhere kukwambia "Aisee ulinambia unataka kufanya hivi na vile nimefikiria nikasema kwa nini usifanye hivi na hivi kwanza?" Hivi kama mtu aliyefanikiwa anaweza kuacha mambo yake akakupigia simu yeye mwenyewe kukupa mawazo yake unadhani ni bure? Si keshaona wewe ni "mwenzake" japo upo chini bado.

Hili kundi limewashinda wengi kuwa nalo karibu. But ndo kundi lenye majibu ya maswali yako mengi kama unataka kuifikia KIBO ya mafanikio yako pia!

Lakini kama umeridhika na level ya nyanda za juu kusini sawa endelea na mashosti na washkati. Eti my colleagues. Wasomi wana maneno! Haya bana.

Rafiki yangu Josiah Otege alionge akiiongelea juzi anaita LAW OF ASSOCIATION. Alifafanua vema sana umuhimu wa kuassociate na the right people.a kuna Dada mmoja anaitwa June Uronu  juzi juzitatehe 1 December mida ya saa moja na nusu usiku aliandika maneno yafuatayo kwenye ukuta wake wa Facebook: "NGUVU ZA MATAJIRI WOTE HAZIPO BENKI KWENYE ACCOUNT ZAO, ZIPO KWA WATU WALIOMO KWENYE MAISHA YAO YA KILA SIKU"


Powerful message!
Ndo maana nakumbuka mpaka siku na muda! Nilitamani kila mtu aisome ndo maana nimeireproduce hapa. Mdogo wangu mwingine anaitwa Elizabeth C Luzutta naye akasema "BE CAREFUL THE FRIENDS YOU CHOOSE, YOU WILL END UP LIKE THEM"

Hawa watu watatu wote niliowataja wameandika ujumbe unaoshabihiana kwq nyakati tofauti katika mazingira tofauti. Na Mimi nimeshare hayo makundi ili upate nyongeza ya vile wengine wlivyotangulia kusema. Hope itakusaidia kuangalia watu ulioruhusu kwenye circle yako ya urafiki. Nimejifunza kuwa lazima u-cut off baadhi ya mahusiano ili uende mbali. Imeleta shida kwangu lakini kwa sababu najua ninakokwenda kuna watu wala hawaelekei huko so why nikae nao tunajadili kuhusu kwenda wapi sasa wakati wenzangu wamefika? Nimefanya makosa mengi lakini KOSA kubwa nililolifanya muda mrefu ni AINA YA WATU niliokubali kuwa na u karibu nao.. Maana walinishepu nikawa kama wao. But not anymore!  I have set a new standard for ME. Na mimi natafuta marafiki wapya watakaoni challenge kukua na kufikia KIBO ya mafanikio aliyoniwekea Mungu mbele yangu. It's sad to lose some "friends" but kwenye kutimiza kusudi la kuumbwa kwako usiangalie sana feelings au inconvenience. Kofi Anan aliwahi kusema:/WHAT MATTERS IS NOT THE INCONVENIENCE, WHAT MATTERS IS DOING THE RIGHT THING".

Huwezi kwenda Mtwara halafu unaambatana na watu wanaenda Ukerewe! #InahitajiUjingaFlani hiyo au siyo.

Mwaka huu unapoisha angalia watu wako wa karibu ni wapi. Je unataka kuendeleza u rafiki wa karibu na watu gani?

Kwa sababu hawawezi kukuchallenge?

Kwa sababu unajisikia nyumbani?

Kwa sababu watakuchallenge na kukufanya ujichunguze wewe binafsi na mienendo yako?

So who are your friends?

Mwaka huu 2016 BILL GATES na WARREN BUFFET walisherehekea miaka 25 ya URAFIKI wakati wewe unasherehekea miaka mitano ya urafiki wa Facebook na huyo rafiki yako. Kuna siku mtakuwa mmekuwa marafiki kwa miaka 25 pia!  Swali ni je, Urafiki wenu utakuwa umekufanya ufikie ndoto zako au upoteze ndoto zako na maono yako na destiny yako? Siyo mpenzi sana wa mpira siku hizi kama miaka 8 iliyopita lakini nikimwangalia Cristiano Ronaldo ana aina fulani tu ya marafiki kwenye team yake. Wengine ni wafanyakazi wenzake tu. Lakini friends wa karibu very few. Na wote wanaperform vizuri..siyo wa Team B. Why? Coz birds of a feather...!
Role models wake ni high performers na confidants wake pia.
What about you?

20 years toka sasa utakuwa mtu mzima tu wa kutosha. Urafiki utachangia sana utakuwa mtu wa aina gani. Kataa friend request nyingine Facebook. Siyo sifa kufika limit ya watu 5000 Facebook afu kati yao una watu wasiozidi 10 tu ambao ndo wanakusaidia angalau kujitambua na kuwa bora zaidi ya jana. Why on earth have the 5000? Kama Yesu angeanza na watu 5000 na kisha akafika mwisho na kugundua kumbe alitakiwa aanze na 12 tu angekuwa ameDISCO. Lakini alijua.

Alikuwa na 12 tu na kati ya hao akawa na 3 tu wa karibu (Petro, Yakobo na Yohana) and kati ya hao akawa na 1 (Yohana) tu wa karibu zaidi.

Watu waliofanikiwa ndivyo walivyo..wanajua vizuri kuwa lazima kuwa na circle ndogo ya watu wa karibu. Ndo maana ukitaka wakuweke kwenye hiyo circle you've got to prove yourself worth!

Huwezi kuwa "mjanja" kuliko Yesu. Unataka uwe na urafiki na kila mtu. Aliyewaumba mwenyewe wengine hawataki urafiki naye. Wewe ndo utawaweza? My friend be careful. And good luck as you brace for 2017!

With lots of love,

Semper Fi,

Andrea G Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,
East Africa.

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Alhamisi, 24 Novemba 2016


Wakati wa mwanzo kabisa wa huduma (ministry) ya Yesu Kristo hapa duniani kuna watu walikuwa wa kwanza kwanza kufanikiwa kujua (ku-taste) ukuu wake kwa namna ya pekee sana. 

Lakini wote hao mpaka kufikia kuexperience jambo hilo walichukua HATUA fulani ya mwanzo ya kumfata. Ambayo huenda ingeonekana ndogo mno wakati wanaichukua KUMBE ndo ikawa hatua muhimu kupita kiasi!

Kila mmoja kati yao alienda kwa Yesu kwa style tofauti. Kuna aliowaita mwenyewe. Na kuna waliomfata wenyewe. Na katika hao wote kuna waliomfuata au kumjia wakiwa bado hawajui vizuri wanachotaka kwake. 
Kuna waliomfata kwa sababu wamealikwa tu na watu waliowaamini. 
Na kuna waliomfata wakiwa na mashaka wanataka labda tu wakathibitishe mashaka yao.

Lakini point yangu hapa ni kwamba WALICHUKUA HATUA!

Ngoja nitoe mifano kidogo:

Mfano wa Kwanza:

Wanafunzi wa Yohana Mbatizaji.

Kuna wanafunzi wa Yohana Mbatizaji walikuwa na mwalimu wao one day yani huyo Mbatizaji. Wakasikia anamwongelea Yesu kuwa ndo "dili lenyewe yani". Yani kwamba ndo kitu TRENDING. Maana alianza kusema siku moja: "TAZAMA MWANA-KONDOO WA MUNGU, AICHUKUAYE DHAMBI YA ULIMWENGU...." Wanafunzi wake waka-note. Lakini hawakuchukua hatua yoyote. Ndivyo ilivyo sometimes. 
Kesho yake tena akiwa yuko na wawili kati ya wanafunzi wake Yesu akapita zake Yohana alipomwona akarudia tena "TAZAMA, MWANA-KONDOO WA MUNGU!" So hao wawili wakam-UNFOLLOW Yohana Mbatizaji rasmi wakamfata Yesu. Na Yesu akawaona akawauliza wanataka nini kwake jamaa nao wakamuuliza tu "UNAKAA WAPI?". Hahaaaa...Kama bongo hapa ukiuliza swali unajibiwa na swali. Hii kumbe imeanza zamani. Akawaambia tu "COME AND SEE". Note this... Hao wawili walienda na kukaa na Yesu kwa masaa machache tu and it changed their lives completely.
Lakini yote ilianzia na wao kuchukua hatua.
Kumbuka kuna wanafunzi walibaki kwa Yohana maisha yao yote mpaka anakatwa kichwa!
They never took action kumfata Yesu kamwe.
Only TWO did.

Sikia ndugu yangu, mafanikio siyo suala la 'wenzako' wanasemaje bali WEWE unaonaje. Usipoangalia utabaki na watu ambao wanakoenda ni dead-end. Yes dead-end kwa sababu mission ya Yohana Mbatizaji iliisha Yesu alipoanza kazi but hata Yohana Mbatizaji hakutambua bado aliendelea na kazi akiwa na matarajio mengine. Maana kuna siku akawatuma tena hao wanafunzi wake. Hebu kamuulizeni hivi ndo yeye mwanakondoo kweli au tusubiri mwingine? Funny. Wakapewa nao majibu mazuri na Yesu wakayaleta kwa Yohana Mbatizaji. Na ajabu wanafunzi wale wale waliendelea kumfata Yohana huyo huyo badala ya kumfata Yesu. Licha ya kuona mambo amazing aliyofanya Yesu na licha ya kuwa Yesu alishatambulishwa kwao na Yohana Mbatizaji siku nyingi!

Nazidi kukuonyesha kuwa usifate watu tu kwa kuwa ni wengi. No. Think for yourself. Ni wanafunzi wawili tu kati ya wanafunzi wa Yohana ambao walimfata Yesu!
Only two.
Tena hawakuwa na hakika kivile. Lakini walipomfata Yesu. Kwa maana ya kuwa "FOLLOWERS" kabisa basi masaa machache tu ya kukaa naye yalitosha sana kuthibitisha kuwa walifanya the decision of their lifetime!

Mafanikio ni ya wachache.
Na ni personal issue. 
Avoid group thinking. 

Mfano wa Pili: 

Hapa tunauona kwa  SIMONI (PETRO). 
Sasa kati ya wanafunzi wale wawili wa Yohana waliomfata Yesu mmoja alikuwa ni ndugu ya Simoni. Anaitwa Andrea. Alipotoka tu kwa Yesu stop ya kwanza ilikuwa kwa ndugu yake. Akamwambia Broooo! "TUMEMWONA MASIHI (KRISTO)". So kitendo bila kuchelewa akampeleka Simoni kwa Yesu. Kumbe Simoni kuchukua ile action ya kwenda kwa Yesu ilikuwa very muhimu. Maana ile kafika tu kwa Yesu akakutana na surprise ya kupewa jina jipya linaloendana na destiny yake. Bonge la surprise. Well, surprise hasa siyo kupewa jina jipya per se. Surprise ni kuwa Simoni alikuwa ameishi miaka yote duniani bila mafanikio kumbe moja ya limiting factor kwake kufikia mafanikio ilikuwa JINA. Yesu akamwambia from now utaitwa KEFA (au tafsiri yake tuliyozoea sisi, PETRO, yani Jiwe)!! Duh. 
Mafanikio makubwa ya Petro yalianzia kwenye kubadilishwa jina.
Lakini KWANZA alichukua hatua kwenda kwa huyo Yesu mwenyewe!
Ni neno dogo sana. Lakini limefanya wengi kubaki duni na kutoishi destiny zao sababu kuna mahali hawakuchukua hatua stahiki.

Unaweza kuwa unatafuta mafanikio and your purpose in life bila kujua kipi kinakulimit, mpaka siku uchukue hatua fulani ndogo tu. 
Labda kwenda mahali. 
Labda kusoma kitabu fulani. 
Labda kuhudhuria semina au mafunzo fulani. 
Labda kukutana na mtu fulani. 
Labda kwenda mji fulani, etc. na huo ukawa mwanzo wa safari yako ya mafanikio.

Petro angekataa kwenda kwa huyo Yesu ingekuwaje? Huenda angevua samaki mpaka siku anakufa na asingefikia mafanikio. Maana destiny yake ilikuwa imefichwa katika kazi ya kuhubiri na kusimama imara katika kanisa la kwanza nk. Siyo kuanzisha soko kubwa la samaki wakavu na dagaa mchele.

A very small, even sometimes seemingly insignificant action, inaweza kubadili maisha yako completely.
Muulize Petro.

Mfano wa Tatu:

Mwingine ni NATHANAELI. 
Huyu jamaa alikuwa mtu mmoja mwenye roho nzuri mno. Ana pure intentions katika mambo yake yote. Mtu safi. Siku moja akakutana na mtu fulani wanafahamiana. Anaitwa Filipo! Ebana Nathanaeli mambo vipi? Poa. Afu huyu Filipo anamwambia Nathanaeli... Ebanaee sikia "TUMEMWONA YEYE ALIYEANDIKIWA NA MUSA KATIKA TORATI, NA (aliyeandikiwa pia na) MANABII, YESU, MWANA WA YUSUFU, MTU WA NAZARETI". Nathanaeli akasema We Filipo, acha hizo, toka lini Nazareti kukatoka jambo jema lolote. Let alone unaongelea jambo kubwa kama hili?

Ndo maisha yalivyo. Ukimpa mtu habari yoyote unayoona nzuri kwake usishangae akawa wa kwanza kukujaza wewe tena DOUBTS. Unaweza kuta unadeal na mtu ambaye ndivyo mindset yake ilivyo. Labda umetoka Sumbawanga juzi juzi na umeona huko fursa moja muhimu mno na umeamua kumshirikisha pia. Usishangae akaanza kukuhubiri wewe na kukuuliza: "Toka lini Sumbawanga kukatoka......? We unapajua Sumbawanga vizuri? Usikute hicho ulichoona kiini macho tu? Sumbawanga si mchezo?" See? Usipokuwa makini wewe mwenyewe unapotezea kabisa. Hahaaa poor you. Umesahau ndivyo watu walivyo. So usitetereke. Filipo hakutetereka. Watu wako hivyo always. Umemshirikisha kuna jambo zuri Tanga atakwambia: Toka lini Tanga kukawa na..... Hayo ndo maswali ya wanadamu: Toka lini wazaramo wakapata.....? Toka lini? Chaweza kitu chema kutokea Mkuranga??
Zoea tu hayo maswali.

Ni kawaida ya watu kuuliza. Hata kama wana moyo mzuri ama nia njema kama Nathanaeli. Mashaka ni sehemu ya ubinadamu. Na nilichojifunza mpaka sasa ni kuwa mashaka ni sehemu ya fursa ya kumfunza mtu. So usikasirike mtu akikuonea shaka. Ni opportunity tu ya wewe kumwondoa shaka. Ndicho Yesu alichofanya.

So Nathanaeli akawa na shaka na ujumbe wa Filipo. "LAWEZA NENO JEMA KUTOKA NAZARETI?" Filipo akamwambia Nathanaeli "NJOO UONE". Powerful.

Nathanaeli alipokuja akakutana pia na surprise.

Kwamba kumbe Yesu alikuwa anajua everything kuhusu maisha yake. Maana alipokaribia tu Jesus was like, waooh, now huyu ndo muisraeli pure asiye na ila ndani yake. Which was true. But kumbe mafanikio ya Nathanaeli pia yalitegemea mno yeye aanze kuishi BILA MASHAKA MASHAKA. And moja wapo ya vitu muhimu nilivyojifunza kwa Yesu ni His INCREDIBLE ABILITY TO ELIMINATE DOUBT! Coz Nathanaeli akashangaa. Huyu mtu ndo tunaonana kwa mara ya kwanza amenijuaje? So ikabidi aulize. Aisee " UMEPATAJE KUNITAMBUA (kwamba ninaishi bila ila in my life?". Yesu akatoa jibu lililozidisha BELIEF ya Nathanaeli. Akasema like, usishangae nimejuaje kuwa unaishi bila ila, najua vingi tu, mfano mimi nilikuona kabla hata hujakutana na Filipo kuna wakati ulikuwa umekaa chini ya mti fulani hivi (Yesu aliutaja jina kabisa mti wenyewe: fig tree. Mtini). Daaah! Nathanaeli alikuja na doubts lakini mwisho akaondokewa na mindset iliyojaa doubts. Na ukawa mwanzo mpya kuelekea destiny yake.

But what if angekataa kutake action kwenda na Filipo? You see my point? Angeweza kuishi vizuri bila ila, bila kusema uongo wala kumfanyia mtu jambo baya na mwisho asingefanikiwa kuishi destiny yake kwa kuwa mafanikio kufikia destiny yake yalikuwa yamefichwa kwenye yeye kuishi pasipo mashaka mashaka maishani mwake. Alikuwa vizuri kimaadili nk lakini mind yake imejaa doubts. It means hakuna na imani. Biblia inasema bila ya imani HAIWEZEKANI kumpendeza Mungu. Can you imagine. Kuishi na mashaka mashaka ni binge moja la limiting factor kwa wengi. That's why ni muhimu kufind out the truth. Kweli tu ndo itakuweka HURU. Kumbe kuishi na mashaka kuhusu vitu ni UTUMWA.

Nathanaeli alipotake action tu kila kitu kikabadilika!

Unamkumbuka yule kijana tajiri? Yesu alimwambia KAUZE KILA KITU KISHA UJE.

Action ikawa ngumu.

Siyo rahisi. But ndo kila kitu. 

Ndiyo maana watu wanatangaza semina za dini, makongamano, mikesha, mikutano ya biashara na ujasiriamali, umuhimu wa kujisomea vitabu. Everyday! 

Lakini wewe unaignore tu. You don't take ANY action. Unascroll tu. Na kwa kuwa msiochukua hatua mko wengi unajifariji. Unadhani ili kitu kiwe dili lazima kila mtu akifate. Unasahau wanafunzi wengi zaidi wa Yohana walishindwa kutake action mpaka wakafika DEAD-END!
Be careful my friend. 
Be careful.

Sisi tutaendelea kusema tu maana tunajua kwa nini tunasema soma vitabu. Tumesoma na tumeona namna vimetusaidia. Tunajua why tunakwambia hudhuria seminars. Kajifunze ujasiriamali using'ang'ane na ajira. But you're not taking ANY action. Wewe endelea kujifariji kwa kuwa mko wengi. Ukifika DEAD-END utakumbuka. Sisi hatutaacha hata kama hakuna anayeamini tusemacho. Yesu mwenywe yaliwahi kumkuta na akamwambia Nikodemo: SISI TUNASEMA TUNALOLIJUA NA TUNASHUHUDIA TULILOLIONA LAKINI NYINYI HAMKUBALI..!! (Yohana 3:11)

Na hata Isaya, nabii yule wa kale, aliwahi kuuliza: UNADHANI KUNA MTU AMESADIKI HABARI TULIYOILETA? 
(Isaya 53:1)

So my friend habari niliyoileta Leo ndo hii:


Usiangalie wenzako.  Usiangalie bosi wako.
Sometimes hata mzazi huangalii kama atakuwa kikwazo kufikia destiny yako. Aliumbwa kukuongoza siyo kuzuia destiny yako na kukupangia ya kwake yeye. 

Usije ukashindwa kufikia mafanikio ukakosa mafanikio kumbe kisa kuna kitabu kimoja tu hukusoma ndani yake kulikuwa na chapter ina ujumbe wako!
Au kwa sababu kuna mtu mmoja tu hukukutana naye angeongea na wewe dakika 10 na maisha yako yangebadilika!
Au kuna clip fupi au audio au message kama hii uliona NDEFU wakati ingekuwa inaongelea Wema Sepetu ungeona mbona story umekuwa fupi?? Hahaaaa. Poor you. 
Be careful.

Learn the science and art of TAKING ACTION.
Waliofanikiwa wote walijifunza kwanza umuhimu wa KUTAKE ACTION.

Have a great day.

Kwa mawasiliano zaidi
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Kujifunza zaidi nenda:

Love you lots!

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam Tanzania
East Africa.

Alhamisi, 17 Novemba 2016


Toka kuumbwa kwa dunia kumekuweko watu waliofanikiwa na watu wasiofanikiwa. Kumekuweko kizazi cha watu wachache jasiri na wenye uthubutu wa kweli na kizazi cha watu wengi laini-laini ambao kwao mambo yanapaswa yatokee tu kama wanavyotaka bila wao kuyaleta. Kumekuwako kizazi cha watu wachache waliotaka kujua ukweli hasa wa mambo upoje licha ya "uhalisia" unaohubiriwa, na kumekuweko kizazi cha watu wanaosema "hali iko hivi" (yani uhalisia uko hivi) na hauwezi kubadilika mpaka mtu au watu fulani waibadili. Kumekuwako watu wanaosema "Wazazi wangu wange....basi ningefanikiwa. Au Serikali iki...... nitafanikiwa. Bosi wangu akiniongeza mshahara....nitafanikiwa. Nikipata mkopo nitafanikiwa kufanya hivi na vile. Nikilipwa na wateja wangu mapema nitafanikisha hili. Au anasema: Mimi  ningeshaanzisha saluni yangu lakini... Ama: Aisee ninataka kuwa mwanamuziki mkubwa lakini....

See? Kizazi chenye "ifs-and-buts". Kizazi chenye litania ya sababu kwa nini mafanikio ni magumu kwao. Hii ndo soft generation ninayoiongelea.

Kama umebahatika kusikia ndoto za watu wengi hapa duniani unaweza kushangaa jinsi watu walivyo na ndoto kubwa ambazo zinaweza kumaliza matatizo mengi tuliyonayo. Na yumkini wewe pia una "mandoto" ya kufa mtu. Yani ukiangalia ndoto zako daah unajisemea aisee "one day ntakuwa balaa". But jiulize swali moja tu: DO YOU BELONG TO THE SOFT GENERATION?
Kama ndivyo then sahau kufanikiwa!

Success is not for soft people. Are you hearing me?
Mafanikio hayakuumbiwa watu soft-soft. Mafanikio siyo kitu kinachokuja kama upepo tu from nowhere. Mafanikio ni kitu unachopaswa #kukitafuta na kukiendea na mpaka ukipate you've got to be #TOUGH first.

Usifikiri ni swala la kuomba Mungu tu. Unaweza kupiga magoti kuomba mpaka magoti yapate "sigda" na usifanikiwe kama wewe upo katika kundi la soft generation. Nimestudy watu waliofanikiwa na bado naendelea kuwastudy wengi zaidi and naweza kukwambia wote niliowastudy hadi sasa ni watu TOUGH. Imara. Wasiolialia wala kulalamikia hali ya maisha wala kuongelea "uhalisia". Watu kama Jack Ma, watu kama Nelson Mandela, watu kama Mohamed Dewji watu kama Jim Rohn watu kama Margareth Thatcher watu kama Abraham Lincoln watu kama Aliko Dangote. Hawa ni watu tough! Angalia toka enzi na enzi, hivi baba yetu wa imani mzee Abraham alikuwa soft soft? Musa je? Mtu anaweza kufunga siku 40 usiku na mchana na akarudia tena hilo zoezi mara ya pili akiwa ni mtu soft soft? Wewe ukifunga siku mbili unaanza kusikilizia tumbo na kichwa. Coz you're soft. Hivi Christopher Columbus alikuwa soft soft? Hivi kweli mwalimu Nyerere alikuwa soft soft? TOUGH people.
Watu wanaofanikiwa huwa hawana kawaida ya kuishi kwenye eti uhalisia. And let me tell you my friend. "Uhalisia" ni kitu BINAFSI. Unaweza kuwa katika watu wanaosema maisha ni magumu but kwako uhalisia ukawa tofauti. Unaweza kuwa kati ya watu wenye furaha na amani na ukawa anxious and perplexed. Na unaweza kuwa kati ya watu wasio na furaha na wanaolalamika na ukawa positive and happy. But you've got to be a tough person first. Lazima uachane na tabia za kitotototo za kulialia. Usifikiri Mungu anabadilisha formula zake kwa sababu ya kulalamika kwako wiki nzima afu weekend unaenda kumwimbia nyimbo za slow motion. In fact ukizidi kulalamika Mungu anafika mahali anachukia na anaweza kukufuta kabisa. Maana your mind inakuwa imeanza kupoteza uwezo iliyoumbiwa wa kuwa creative na kuwa positive. Kumbuka kuna KIZAZI cha taifa fulani Mungu aliwahi kuzuia kisifikie kilele cha mafanikio kabisa sababu ya kulalamika. Kawatoa utumwani wanalalamika. Kawavusha bahari ile kuwa test kidogo tu wanalalamika. Kawajaribu tena kuona kama wanamwamini zaidi wanazidi kulalamika tu. Kakaa kimya na kiongozi wao mwezi mmoja na siku 10 tu wakaanza mchakato wa kupata "mungu" mpya! Khaa. Kwa kuwa Mungu  HANAGA kawaida ya kushindana na wanadamu akazuia tu hawa hawaingii Canaan aisee never bora waingie watoto wao kuliko hawa. Kulalamika. Hiyo ndo effect ya complaining and whining. Na kukasirikakasirika tu usipopata unachotaka - Being crybabies!
Yani usipopata unachotaka badala ya kuwa creative unatafuta wa kulaumu huku umekasirika. Mungu ataku-mind sana yani.

Tuna wimbi kubwa la soft generation people siku za leo.  #Whiners and #crybabies! Watu wanaolialia tu. Ooh nimeomba nauli sijapewa sasa mi ntaendaje shule. Oh nilitaka kuja ila mvua ikanyesha sasa ningefanyaje? Khaaa!
You are such a soft person my friend! Oh  "Nimeapply kazi sijaitwa yani serikali hii imezuia ajira sijui tutaishije nchi hii mi nachukia sana".
You're a Crybaby! Mtaishije wewe na nani kwanza?

Ooh, "Tumemaliza JKT hakuna ajira mtupe ajira tusije kuwa majambazi kwa nini hamtupi ajira".

Crybabies! Huko JKT mlienda kujifunza kuandika CV za kazi kwani?

Ooh ninataka kujiajiri lakini sina mtaji serikali yenyewe haijaleta viwanda walitudanganya tu!
Crybaby wewe!

Juzi niliongelea hilo la mtaji kwa mfano. Kwamba ukihitaji mtaji inabidi uwe na a very consuming idea kwanza kichwani. Naamini uliisoma hiyo makala. If not utapoteza muda kutafuta mtaji na hutaupata. Kuna formula za kufanikiwa. Usijiendee tu. Unakuwa tu mtu wa kulialia tu.
Halafu unasubiri pia uje ufanikiwe! Kweli?

Oh mi natamani kuwa mbunge lakini huko mpaka umjue MTU.
Are you serious? You simply don't really know what you want.
Soft generation!

Oh mi ninataka sana kusaidia yatima lakini sina uwezo! Usitudanganye unataka kusaidia yatima wewe. Kwa nini usiende kuwasaidia kupiga deki? Who told you kuwa msaada ni hela tu? Why usijitolee kwenda kuwafundisha tuition au kuwafundisha muziki au kucheza nao tu, kwani huo si ni msaada wa kisaikolojia mzuri zaidi kuliko kwenda kuwapelekea biskuti na peremende na kupiga nao picha ili ukapost Instagram!?

Kawaombe kupiga deki weekend uone kama watakataa. Hapo unaanza kujihurumia na kuhesabu gharama. Coz you are so sooooft. Yani kila kitu ooh mimi, unajua, yani hii hali, yani uchumi.. Soft generation.

Wengine huwa wananambia unajua kaka wewe hujui tu. Listen, najua sana. What I'm trying to tell you here is usipoacha kuwa "a whiner na crybaby" basi utafika mwisho wa maisha yako unalalamika tu na kukasirika huna kitu cha maana umefanya duniani hapa. Ukiambiwa jisomee vitabu ooh unajua mimi, muda, nachoka sana, narudi usiku sana.
Soooft generation!
You don't want to sacrifice.
Mentor wangu alisema juzi kuwa kama huwezi kusacrifice #USINGIZI au #CHAKULA hivyo vitu viwili basi mafanikio kwako ni ndoto hata mafanikio ya kiroho. Smart man. #ILoveMyMentor.

Na ndo maana kuna vitabu lukuki vimeandikwa kukwambia cha kufanya ili ufanikiwe katika nyakati zinazoitwa ngumu. Lakini wewe unaweza kukesha kusubiri matokeo ya TRUMP na HRC kuliko kusoma kitabu cha namna gani ufanikiwe kutimiza ndoto zako. Eti ooh siyo hobby yangu. Kwa hiyo kukesha unakodolea macho CNN ndo hobby yako? Hobby? Na mafanikio yatakujibu hivyohivyo wewe siyo hobby ya yenyewe! Hivi unawezaje kukesha ukisubiri pambano la MAYWEATHER afu ukashindwa kukesha ukiandaa mipango yako halafu ukataka ufanikiwe?
God is not a fool my friend.
Afu unatoka unaenda kulaumu mbunge wako!  Wakati hutaki kujifunza unataka vitu vinavyofurahisha akili tu. Ndo maana magroup mengi ya WhatsApp hayakujengi lakini unapenda kukaa humo. Vitu unavyofeed mind yako kutoka kwenye hayo magroup vinaua safari yako ya mafanikio but hutaki kuviacha. Ajabu ukiambiwa kuna group la kusaka mafanikio unasema "na mimi jamani niungeni". Coz ni kweli unatamani kufanikiwa. Lakini ukiwekwa kwenye hilo group afu ukaambiwa jamani eeh humu kwenye group kila siku jioni lazima kila mtu aseme amejifunza nini kwenye kitabu anachosoma kwa sasa, heee group linageuka kuwa chungu. Halafu unataka mafanikio! No my brother, no my sister, mafanikio hayatakuja kwako kamwe!
Coz you are too soooft. Ukiambiwa kuna semina ya bure kujifunza ujasiriamali unasema ooh muda sina, ooh muda mbaya muda huo ndo nakuwa natoka kazini. Lakini ukiambiwa kuna Fiesta usiku wa manane na kuna kiingilio elfu 20 siku hiyo hata kazini unatoroka mapema ili uwahi kukaa (I MEAN KUSIMAMA) mbele karibu na jukwaa na kupigwa na umande mpaka asubuhi huku ukichekacheka watu wanaokata viuno na kuitikia imoooooooooo!! Afu unashangaa hela huna. Huo muda ungekuwa umekaa unajifunza mambo muhimu ungefika mbali. Wengine nyie ni mabilionea wakubwa wa baadaye lakini you are too soft! Unataka vitu vya kudumaza mind yako tu. Mungu atakupaje mafanikio?
You are not ready!
You're too soooft! Watu niliokutajia pale juu ni tough people. Check baadhi yao hapa wanasemaje.

Quit being soft.
Kama unataka kufanikiwa lazima uwe TOUGH kwanza kabla hujaanza safari ya mafanikio. Why? Sababu utakumbana na challenges njiani, utakutana na watu wa kukukatisha tamaa wengi mno. Utafika mahali inahitaji upersist lakini kwa sababu you belong to this SOFT GENERATION utaachia njiani..
Coz you're too soft.
Success is not for soft people or crybabies! Unalialia tu. Utafika uzeeni una Ph.D ya kulialia. Crybaby! Utapoteza nafasi ya kuwasaidia wengine kufanikiwa kwa sababu ulichagua kuwa MLALAMISHI na CRYBABY. Ukasahau you have to toughen up in order to get the things you want in life. Unaishi kwa "group thinking". Kwa kuwa wengine wanalalamika basi unadhani na wewe uliumbwa kulalamika kama wao! Unaanza kuwa mbobezi wa kujihurumia na kuomba huruma za wengine. Ndo maana unashangaa mtu anakuja Facebook kila siku status zake mara "This flu is killing me". Mvua ikinyesha tu ooh "jamani hii mvua si ikanyeshe Mtera?" Khaa! Mungu anakuangaliaaa..anakuacha tu. Jua likiwaka sawasawa unaona status eti "Arrrgh hili joto litatuua". Khaa. Si uweke mabarafu kwenye kwapa!? Crybaby!

Haya mara kaandika: Jamani "Baba Jesca" punguza kidogo hali imekuwa ngumu mno! Huoni mazuri coz your mind imekuwa tuned kulalamika.
Ndo hapo unashangaa mzee ndo anaongeza kaspidi gavana kidogo anabinya kidogo zaidi anakaza zaidi. Hahaaaaaa. Hapo ndo utajua kama ile mikia ya pweza hivi ni mikia au miguu, au mikono?

Sasa wewe endelea kusubiri raisi mwingine. 2020. Au 2025 ndo uanze kufanikiwa. Utashangaa anakuja wa type hii hii yani. Hapo unashangaa na kujiuliza hawa wenzangu waliofanikiwa wamefanyaje?


I'll tell you wamefanyaje:
Walichagua kutokulalamika na kuwa creative...
Walichagua kutotegemea serikali na kujitegemea wenyewe...
Walichagua kujifunza mapema...
Walichagua semina za mafanikio badala ya fiesta...
Walichagua kuahirisha "entertainment" kwanza...
Walichagua kusacrifice muda wao wa kuenjoy na kupumzika wakaamua kupigana kufa na kupona no matter what wakati wewe ulipokuwa unatukana serikali kwenye mitandao...
Walichagua kujitafutia njia za kutengeneza kipato wakiwa chuo wakati wewe ukichagua kutegemea siasa na kusubiri mkopo na ajira...
Walichagua kuonekana wajinga wakati wewe ukila bata...
Walichagua kuomba Mungu kila wakati mpaka usiku wa manane wakati wewe ukisubiri kuombewa na kuonewa huruma na kuwekewa mikono na nabii naniliu...

Walichagua kuanza kidogo chini wakati wewe ukisubiri ukafanye Masters kwanza...
Walichagua kuamini katika kujibidiisha na kujituma ili kubadilisha maisha yao na vizazi vyao wakati wewe ukiridhika na comfort zone...

Hapo ndo utajua kama utakula mijadala uliyokuwa unapoteza nayo muda sijui Wema Sepetu sijui Boss Lady. Hapo ndo unabaki unakasirikia waliokupita kimafanikio. Unawachukia bila sababu. Unabaki kushabikia siasa na Simba na Yanga. Ikikodishwa unalalamika, coz ndo unachoweza zaidi, hahaa hapo muda umeisha uzee umekukuta.
Hapo ndo utajua Fiesta imoo au haimo!

So achana na group thinking.
Itakupoteza. And by the way kama kweli hali imekuwa ngumu kwako like you say basi nikushauri tafuta kakitabu kanaitwa TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO.
Utaelewa nachosema. You've got to be TOUGHER than your situation.

Muda unaotumia Facebook, Instagram na Snapchat au WhatsApp ungeutumia vizuri mbona ungesaidia watu wengi mno! Hivi unadhani Mungu atakusahau wakati anaona unatumia muda wako vizuri kujifunza mambo muhimu? Lakini vijana wengi ninawaona humu kwenye mitandao wakikuta mada kama hizi wengine wanatukana wengine much know, wengine wanaignore tu wanataka kila post iwe inaongelea vitu soft soft tu. Tunazalisha taifa la walalamishi na crybabies! Watoto wadogo wanajifunza kwa kuona. Wasomi wengi vyuo vikuu ni walalamishi na crybabies. Shame! Ndo maana unashangaa mtu anamaliza chuo akitaka kwenda kusambaza CV anaomba nauli kwa wazazi. Yani kama elimu ya Chuo Kikuu inashindwa kukuzalishia nauli wewe itamsaidia nani sasa? Utasikia eti. Ah sasa bro sijapata kazi si unajua tena. Ulalamishi tu. Si ukafundishe hata tuition? It's a shame! Wasomi ndo wanaenda kuwa watendaji. Wabunge. Unashangaa analalamika tu.
Soft generation.

I'm telling you utakuwa mbunge au waziri na utaondoka hukumbukwi. Coz you did not touch lives. You were not successful. Coz ulikuwa whiner and such a sorry crybaby maisha yote. Ndo unashangaa mtu mzima anaachishwa kazi anaanza kulia hadharani. Eti ntaishije? It's a shame. And that's a representation of what our society is beginning to look like!

You need to be TOUGH.
Tough for the dreams you have.
Tough for your children.
Tough for others.
Tough for your nation.
Tough for the world.
Tough for God!
Tough for YOURSELF.
Mungu hakukuumba uje ulie toka unazaliwa mpaka unakufa. Mungu alikupa uwezo wa ku-withstand every tough situation. Lakini umechagua kulialia. Yani umekuwa mtu wa: Ooh yani sijui nianzie wapi? Khaa! Yani utadhani mwili wako umekufa ganzi kuanzia shingoni kwenda juu!

Stop being too soft.
Kama uko kwenye soft generation bonyeza kitufe cha EXIT haraka sana. Toka humo.
Learn to be tough and to fight for what you want. Siyo kulalamika. Ain't nothing gonna change because you whine or complain. Achana na kutukana serikali haikusaidii.
That's being a CRYBABY! Success is never for crybabies. I told you that already.
Achana na kufollow page za watu wanaolalamika na kukasirika every day. Haikusaidii kusikiliza crybabies.

Amua kusema kuanzia leo sitaki kulalamika. Wala kusikiliza malalamiko.
But I will fight for my dreams.
I will fight for my success.
I will soldier on and toughen up mpaka nifanikiwe.
Coz I have the DNA of God.
The DNA of success.

Amua kwamba kuanzia leo nikikosa kitu nachotaka sitakasirika wala kulalamika bali nitakuwa mbunifu na kuwaza upya ili nikipate hicho nilichotaka. Anza kujifunza tabia ya kuwa tough minded. Jifunze hata kwa machinga. Akitembeza vitambaa watu 10 mfululizo kawaonyesha na wote hawanunui hakati tamaa na kurudi nyumbani baada ya lisaa. Anajua atauza tu.

Success is not for soft people.
And never for crybabies.

If you belong to the soft generation then you can as well kiss your success goodbye and forget about being successful. Be it at school, or in business or your relationship; be it in politics, sports or whatever endeavour - success is for tough people.

Amua kuwa imara! No matter what.
Uninstall the software of whining and complaining. Weka mpya ya kuwa imara na kung'ang'ana.




Kwa mawasiliano zaidi au maswali, ushauri, appointments contact me via:

WhatsApp only: +255788366511
Sms + Calls: +255752366511

Blog: www.andreamuhozya.blogspot.com

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

Jumapili, 13 Novemba 2016


Yes. Unaweza kushangaa mtu anawezaje kuzalisha muda zaidi wakati umefundishwa kuwa muda kila mtu anapewa masaa 24 tu kila siku. Sasa unaweza kuwa unajiuliza je utazalishaje muda zaidi. Utautoa wapi? Ndo siri za mafanikio hizi sasa ndugu yangu. Zimefichika machoni pa wengi. Mpaka ufanye bidii ya kuzitafuta.

Sasa tunaanza na kipengele hiki cha kucreate muda ambacho  matajiri wengi ndo wanakitumia.

Ni kwamba unaweza kufanya hivyo kwa kununua muda wa wenzako. Yaani kuna mtu ana muda wa masaa 24 kama wewe lakini yeye hana kitu chochote cha kufanya na huo muda ila ana maarifa mengi tu labda kayapata chuo kikuu nk mfano amesomea utunzaji wa kumbukumbu au utunzaji wa fedha. Na yeye hana hizo fedha kwa sasa kwa hiyo elimu yake haimsaidii chochote kama asipopata pa kuitumia. Kwa hiyo wewe tajiri mwenye fedha zinazotakiwa kutunzwa au kusimamiwa unamnunua huyo mtu kwa muda fulani kwa siku. Unampa majukumu (job description) ya kuzisimamia pesa zako kila siku saa mbili asubuhi mpaka saa kumi na moja jioni. Anasimamia utajiri wako wa milioni 900 usipotee. Na unamlipa laki 5 kwa mwezi. Hii ndiyo situation ya ajira. Hana cha kufanya na elimu yake anaishi kwa CV. Akiona kwako wewe mshahara mdogo anaenda CRDB anawaambia ana experience ya kufanya kazi kwako wewe Bakhressa. Wao CRDB wanampa ajira awasaidie kusimamia fedha za shareholders (wamiliki) wa benki. Hii ndo ajira. Kwa hiyo basi, ukiweza kununua muda wa masaa tisa tisa ya watu 100 tofauti kwa wakati mmoja it means utakuwa umeongeza muda wako wa uzalishaji  mara nyingi sana. Coz kimahesabu watu 100 wakikufanyia kazi kwa masaa 9 tu kila mmoja kwa siku ina maana utakuwa umepata masaa 900 ya uzalishaji ndani ya masaa 24 ambayo Mungu amekupa. Huyu uliyenunua muda wake yeye amefanya kazi masaa 9 tu kwa siku wewe umefanyiwa kazi ya masaa 900 kwa siku hiyo hiyo moja. Hivi lini atalingana na wewe? Maana itamchukua huyo mtu siku 100 za kufanya kazi kwa masaa 9 kufikisha masaa 900 ya uzalishaji. Lakini ndani ya hizo siku 100 wewe tajiri utakuwa umeshafanyiwa kazi ya jumla ya masaa 90,000! Na itamchukua huyo mtu bila kujali elimu yake siku 10,000/- kufikisha hayo masaa. Yaani takribani miaka 27 ya kufanya kazi kwa mwajiriwa ndiyo inaweza   kumpa utajiri anaozalisha Bakhressa kwa siku 100 tu. Sasa mwambie mwajiriwa mambo kama haya uone. Haelewi kabisaa...! Kisa ni bank teller wa "XYZ Bank". Anafurahia kuvaa uniform za kampuni kubwa. Au ni mhasibu wa "XYZ Clearing and Forwarding" au ni Mwalimu wa "XYZ International School". Unadhani kwa nini tajiri anafungua biashara kila kukicha? Ili anunue muda wa watu wengine weengi zaidi.

Lakini njia hii inakulazimu uwe na mtaji mkubwa ndipo uweze kuajiri watu wengi kiasi hicho. Nadhani utakubaliana na mimi kwa hili.

But kuna namna nyingine ya wewe kuzalisha muda mwingi wa kukuzalishia kipato cha ziada yaani njia ya pili ya kutengeneza hii TIME LEVERAGE yaani kuDUPLICATE muda wako wa uzalishaji zaidi!! Kumbuka ukibakia tu umeajiriwa au kujiajiri mwenyewe unaweza kufanya kazi kuanzia leo mpaka miaka 27 ijayo yaani mwaka 2043 na itakuwa hujawa Dewji au Bakhressa. Hivi utawezaje kumfikia mtu anayeingiza labda milioni 1 na laki 1 hivi kama faida kwa siku moja wakati wewe kwa saa moja unalipwa  tsh 1850/- kwa siku kama elfu 16 hivi yaani laki 5 kwa mwezi! Coz anakupa kiujira tu kidogo.
Ndo yaleyale. Faida yake ya siku moja ni mshahara wako wa miezi miwili. Faida yake ya siku kumi ni mshahara wako wa miezi 20 yaani mwaka mmoja na miezi 8! Mwaka mmoja na miezi 8 hizo ni siku takribani 600. Unaongelea yeye kuwa ameshatengeneza Tshs 600,000,000!! Milioni 600 ndani ya mwaka mmoja na miezi 8 tu.  Ambazo wewe utafanya kazi mpaka kustaafu na mwanao atafanya kazi mpaka atastaafu na mjukuu wako pia... Niendelee? Ndani ya huo muda yeye ameshapata faida ya 600 million!

Wanafunzi. Kama wewe ni mwanafunzi na unasoma ujumbe huu take it very serious. Usibweteke na hiyo degree unayosomea ya usimamizi wa fedha za wengine halafu uanze kuishi kwa kusambaza CV yaani bila plan nyingine yoyote maishani mwako. Elimu yote hiyo itakuwa haina manufaa kama ni kwa ajili ya kwenda kumfanyia mtu kazi maisha yako yote. Watoto wako nao waje wakasome elimu kama yako nao wakamfanyie mtu mwingine maisha yao yote. Wajukuu zako hivyo hivyo. Vitukuu... Vilembwe..
Wanafunzi wengi huwa ni wabishi. Wamesoma "elimu ya juu" wengine "wanafanya" masters. Hahaaa. Kuna tofauti ya "kuchukua" degree na "kufanya" masters. Hizi mbwembwe hizi jamani. Haya huyu mtu anawaza kuwa anajua sana vitu vingi. Kumbe anajua tu definition za economics na matajiri hawazijui hizo definition ila wanajua uchumi wenyewe na ndo wanaushikilia. Wanafunzi fungueni macho. Anza kujiandaa mapema. Usitamani tu kuajiriwa kupitia kiasi ndo mpaka baadhi ya dada zetu wanatoa rushwa ya mwili ili aajiriwe tu.

Jifunze haya mambo! Usikae kuchat chat tu na kutumiana vikatuni vya ajabu ajabu. Unachekacheka tu mwaka mzima sasa unaenda kwisha ushatumiwa vikatuni kibao mwenzako anatengeneza milioni 600. Unachat chat wenzako wanatengeneza hela. Unataka ukafanye masters ili mshahara upande. Unacheza au?

Kama uko interested kufahamu haya mambo kiundani hususan njia rahisi ya wewe kuzalisha muda zaidi ili kupata kipato zaidi basi njoo kwa WhatsApp  #o788366511 au #o752366511.

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa

Jumamosi, 12 Novemba 2016


Kila siku watu wananitafuta wanataka kujifunza biashara. Lakini wengi wao wanasema shida ni kukosa ➡ ➡

Mimi huwa nawaaambia kuwa mtaji (pesa) siyo shida kabisa. Tatizo ni kukosa WAZO SAHIHI la biashara. So tafuta wazo sahihi la biashara.


Well kwa sababu ukipata WAZO SAHIHI la biashara pesa zina kawaida ya kuwa na KIHEREHERE cha kufata WAZO SAHIHI lilipo. Ndo maana watu wote waliofanikiwa walianza bila pesa! Hata Donald Trump alianza bila pesa ila akakopa kwa baba yake. Jeff Bezos alianza bila pesa. Facebook walianza bila pesa. Google walianzia gereji tena kwenye gereji (parking) ya mama mwenye nyumba wao, hawakuwa na hela ila walikuwa na WAZO SAHIHI. Bill Gates alianza na WAZO SAHIHI kuuza software. Wewe una WAZO gani sasa? Unawaza kufungua saluni au kuuza CD za muziki? Kuuza mbao? Kuuza nyumba? Kuuza magari? Vyakula? Kufanya Network Marketing? Kubuni software au Application fulani fulani? Haina shida. Whatever utaamua kufanya kuna kitu muhimu kuangalia. Je hiloni wazo sahihi la biashara KWAKO?

Likishakuwa sahihi kwako hela itakuja tu.

Hii ni kwa sababu WAZO likiwa sahihi unaweza kwenda kwa mtu ambaye hujawahi kutarajia kumfata kumwambia akupe mtaji na atakupa! Na hata akawa hajaelewa kila kitu still akakupa! Kwa hiyo kuanzia Leo usihangaike na mtaji. Hangaika kwanza kujua unachotaka kukufanya ni SAHIHI KWAKO?



The whole universe will conspire to bring the money you NEED to get started. That's very important.


Sasa utajuaje kuwa WAZO fulani la Biashara ni sahihi KWAKO? Hapa nakupa kanuni yangu nyingine.
(Hii nimeiita THE AGM's PRINCIPLE OF DETERMINING THE RIGHT BUSINESS IDEA). This one ni threefold. Ina vitu vitatu: THINKING, TALKING  and STARTING. Tunaanza kimoja kimoja. Ili ujue kuwa ulichonacho ni THE RIGHT BUSINESS IDEA vitu vitatu vitatokea kwako. Visipotokea ujue hiyo business idea siyo yako! Ni sahihi kwa mtu mwingine. Au siyo sahihi kwako kwa sasa. Ni vitu gani hivyo?


Yaani hilo wazo la biashara ukishakutana nalo litakujaa kwenye fikra (mind/heart) kwa namna ya tofauti sana kiasi kwamba utakuwa consumed na hilo wazo kila uendako. Hii ni muhimu sana kujichunguza. Huwezi kuwa na wazo sahihi la biashara halafu eti likawa halip kichwani kwako. Mpaka mtu akuulize eti. Aisee. Litakuwa kichwani all the time. Katika kufundisha kwangu biashara niliwahi kwenye Chuo Cha Usimamizi wa Fedha (IFM) na katika kuongea na wanafunzi nikajikuta ninaongea na kijana mmoja ambaye incidentally alikuwa ndo raisi wa wanafunzi. Sijui wanaita nini pale IFM kama UDSM na DARUSO. Hivyo.  Tulibadilishana mawazo mengi na yule kijana and one of the things alichoniambia ni kuwa yeye huwa anatest rafiki zake kama akiwapa idea fulani kuhusu mambo ya wanafunzi labda mfano kuanzisha mradi wa kusaidia wanafunzi wenye ulemavu nk anasema akikupa hiyo idea wewe mwanafunzi mwenzake halafu usipomtafuta ndani ya wiki nzima basi hilo jambo alilokwambia halijaingia akilini mwako sawa sawa. Hiyo ndo test yake. Waooh!

Brilliant young man!

Ndo hivyo hivyo sasa. Ukiona umepata wazo fulani la biashara halafu halizunguki kichwani mwako mchana na usiku ni dalili kuwa si la kwako. Si kwamba ni wazo baya. Ah-ah! Siyo sahihi kwako tu. Hilo la kwanza. Jipime.


You just can't!

Mentor wangu amekuwa akinikumbusha kitu kwamba Biblia inasema kimtokacho mtu ni kile kuliujazacho moyo wake( Out of a heart's OVERFLOW the mouth speaketh). So kitu kinachomtoka mtu iwe ni lugha (kiswahili, kiingereza au kimarangu) or aina ya lugha yake (ya kistaarabu, matusi, nk) vinaonyesha tu huyu mtu mind/spirit yake imejaa nini? Ndo maana watu tunashuka kiswahili bila kufikiria kwa kuwa kimetujaa kwenye mind mpaka kinamwagika. Yani hutafuti maneno. Lakini kiinglish wengi wetu ukikumbuka "ZIS" basi mpaka ukumbuke "ZAT" mtu keshachoka kukusikiliza. Simply English haijajaza mind yako. Huwezi kuongea sana kila wakati kwa confidence. I mean kwa ujasiri. Hahaaa😀 coz haiko kichwani mwako to the extent ya kuoverflow.
Sasa hata katika hili la mtaji. Kanuni ya pili ni kwamba kwa kuwa wazo litakuwa litakuwa limejaa in your mind/heart/spirit kiasi cha kwamba ndo hicho hicho unafikiria. Yani WAZO hilo la biashara limejaa mawazoni mwako kiasi kwamba ukinywa maji unaliona kwenye glass!!! Aisee basi kila ukiongea utataka uliongelee. Na utaanza kushangaa unataka tu kuwa karibu na watu wanaoweza kukufeed taarifa sahihi kuhusu hilo wazo. Hutataka kukaa karibu na watu wasioweza kukupanua zaidi kuhusu wazo lako. Hutakaa tena karibu na watu wanaoweza kukucheka au kukukatisha tamaa. Maana utakuwa huivi nao tena. Hata kama ni WAZAZI au ndugu. Utashangaa unataka kampani ya watu wanaongelea biashara biashara zaidi kuliko kuongelea Trump kashinda kweli au bado wanahesabu kura. Sijui utabiri ulikuwa wa uongo au wa ukweli. Utajikuta hizo habari hazikuvutii tena. I'm telling you, ukishapata WAZO SAHIHI la biashara likakukaa sawa sawa kichwani basi lugha yako itachange AUTOMATICALLY. Are you hearing what I'm telling you?? Na kuna watu utawaboa mno. Maana kimtokacho mtu ni kile kiujazacho moyo wake. Na wewe na wao sasa mioyo/mind zenu zimejawa na kuwa consumed na vitu tofauti! You can't stop talking about your business idea. Hilo la pili. Twende la tatu.


Utafika mahali huoni haja ya kuishi bila kulifanya hilo WAZO kuwa halisi. Yani utahangaika kama mama mjamzito akikaribia kujifungua. Yes coz you are PREGNANT. Na ujauzito wa idea yako haufichiki tena kila anayekujua anafahamu. Na sasa utafikia hatua una UTUNGU wa kuzaa. Siyo wewe. Ni idea inataka kuja.  Wa kukuita kichaa watakuita kichaa. Wa kukucheka ndo muda wao huu maana unahangaika kama kuku anayeanza kutaga kwa mara ya kwanza yani hata kwenye bustani atataga. Ndo hapa nimekwambia Google walianzia garage. Facebook walianzia bwenini. Si unasikia Bakhressa alianzaje? Wa kukukatisha tamaa wataongeza juhudi utadhani wako muda wa majeruhi. Hiki ni kipindi huwezi kutulia. Na hapa sasa imani inakuwa KALI sana kama vile umekuwa kichaa. Yani ndo hapa ukiambiwa shuka kwenye boti utembee juu ya maji unashuka fasta! Utawaza baadaye. Imani kali! Hapa ndo watu huwa wanapata mitaji wa njia ambazo hakuwahi kuzifikiria kuwa atakuja kufanya siku moja. Yani ni unakuwa na CONVICTION kiasi kwamba hata ukimfata mtu kumwomba mtaji anaweza kukusikiliza moyo ukamchoma tu bila sababu hata hajakuelewa vizuri akakupa. Are following me?

HAPA ndipo watu wengi wanalia eti ooh sina mtaji. Nani kakwambia mtaji ni shida my friend? Shida ni WEWE!! Huna conviction moyoni. So hata ukiongea na mtu kuhusu IDEA ya biashara unayotaka kuifanya mtu haoni hata passion moyoni mwako. Unaongea EMPTY words! Mdomo tu unaongea. Moyo haupo. Watu wenye uwezo wa kukupa mtaji huwa hawasikilizi mdomo wanasikiliza SPIRIT yako inasemaje? Kama maneno unayotamka kuhusu why unamwomba hela yakiwa empty atajua tu. Na yakiwa yanakuja na CONVICTION pia atajua.

*Case Studies:*
Jifunze kwa wawili hawa

(i) Joe Kusaga alipotaka kuanzisha Clouds FM alienda kuomba hati ya nyumba ya baba yake ili akakope pesa benki. Na wakampa hati bila kujua huko mbele itakuwaje. Why? Kwa sababu ya CONVICTION aliyokuwa nayo moyoni. Jaribu wewe sasa uone hao wazazi kama hawajakuitia Dr Chris Mauki aje akupe ushauri wa KISAIKOLOJIA!

(ii.) Jeff Bezos wa AMAZON DOT COM.

Huyu alipotaka kuanzisha mtandao wa kuuza vitabu kwa njia ya internet hakuwa na hela akawaomba wazazi wake wampe pensheni yao aanzishie biashara. Can you imagine? Hivi wewe ukiwafata wazazi wako leo ukawaomba pesheni yao hapo ndo wamestaafu eti wakupe wewe huyo ukaanzishe biashara.. Hivi wataona empty words au wataona moyo wako wote uko consumed na hilo WAZO SAHIHI la biashara? Jeff wazazi walimuuliza umesema unataka pensheni yetu sisi, ukaanzishe biashara kwenye internet? Internet ndo nini? Enzi hizo hata wazazi wake hawajui internet ni nini. Ni kama wewe tu bibi yako au hata mzazi kijijini hajui internet sijui blog sijui tovuti afu leo umwambie"Baba hizo hela ulizouza korosho mi naomba ninataka kufungua TOVUTI!!!" Hahaaaa. Imagine! Sasa Jeff wazazi  hawakumwelewa lakini walimpa PENSHENI. Why? Because ALIKUWA NA WAZO SAHIHI, na likawa limejaa kwenye MIND yake and akawa hawezi kuacha kuwaza wala kuliongelea na alipoongea na wazazi wake moyo wake wooote ulikuwa juu ya MANENO yake. Walimpa aisee. Bila kumwelewa.

Sasa wewe unalialia ooh "nimeongea na ba mkubwa anipe mtaji nikafungue saluni hata hajanielewa!" Oh "nimepata WAZO la biashara nimemwambia mama mdogo anipe mtaji hata hajanielewa". Ukiulizwa wazo gani  eti nataka kuuza vipodozi. Khaaa! Hapo unang'ata kucha utadhani unaongea na boyfriend. Mwingine anasema Oh "nimeongea na mume wangu anipe tafu kidogo kuhusu mtaji wala hata hanielewi". Nooo! Wewe ndo hujielewi yeye siyo shida. Huna conviction.. Unaongea na mtu kuhusu mtaji as if unaongea naye kuhusu nauli ya bajaji. Huna passion. Kwani ukiomba nauli au ada kwa mzazi unahitaji PASSION yoyote? No. Lakini kama ukidhani ukiongea naye hivyo hivyo kuhusu mtaji atakupa utashangaa ada ya milioni tatu alilipa ila mtaji wa laki tano au saba hakupi!!! Why? Huna CONVICTION. Maneno yako hayana uzito unaoweza kumchoma mtu  moyoni. That is YOUR problem.

So usiseme sina mtaji. No my friend. Mtaji si kazi yako. Ni kazi ya watu wengine. Mtaji unaweza kutoka kwenye mshahara, au kukopa kwa mtu au kuuza kitu cha thamani ulichonacho. Wanunuzi watapatikana bila wewe kuelewa imekuwaje. Yes ukiwa consumed na idea yako utauza anything even everything. Yani hata simu inayokufanya uwe updated kuhusu habari za Trump na za Godbless Lema  unaweza kuuza ili ukusanye pesa upate pa kuanzia zingine utaomba huko mbele kwa mbele. But problem ni kuwa huna PASSION na wazo la biashara ulilonalo kwa hiyo  habari za Trump kwako zitakuwa muhimu mno kuliko kitu chochote. Nikiongelea kuuza simu hapo unajisemea aah broh we nipe idea nyingine. Kuna mtu alinijibu hivyo ati. See?

Inawezekana inanibidi nikukumbushe mfano wa yule jamaa kwenye Biblia. Aliona hazina mahali kwenye shamba la mtu. That's a business idea. Au unaionaje wewe? Hiyo kitu ilimconsume mpaka alienda kuuza kila alichokuwa nacho akaenda kununua lile shamba. Bila kuchelewa. See? Sasa ukiona unashidwa kupata MTAJI dunia ya Leo ujue either:


na kama unalo basi ni kuwa


Likijaa sawasawa utamfata hata Dewji na appointment utapata na atakupa huo mtaji wa milioni 40 unaotaka kuanza nao. Lakini sasa akikusikiliza ataona maneno matupu au ataona mtu ambaye huko consumed na idea yake?

Money is not a problem. YOU are the problem. Watu wa kukupa mtaji unataka au kununua vitu vyako unavyouza ili upate mtaji wapo lukuki!

Kwa maoni, ushauri, critique, au Appointment.

WhatsApp only: +255 788 366 511
SMS/Calls:  +255 752 366 511


Thank you and God bless,

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

Alhamisi, 27 Oktoba 2016


Katika zawadi kadhaa nilizowahi kupata maishani mwangu ambazo zilibadilisha maisha yangu moja wapo ni kadi ya kunitakia mafanikio mema katika mitihani yangu ya kumaliza kidato cha sita.

Kadi hiyo niliipata kutoka kwa walezi wangu Mr & Mrs Senga Kabipi aka baba na mama Laurent Kabipi. Nikiwa nimepitia mabonde na milima hadi kufikia kipindi cha mimi pia kuikabili NECTA ya Form VI, kadi hiyo ilikuja  katika kipindi muafaka sana ambacho nilikuwa nikihitaji binadamu yeyote wa kunitia moyo na kuniambia nitafanikiwa. Ninakumbuka daima nilivyotiwa nguvu na kitendo tu cha kupewa ile kadi. It was so powerful!

Hata hivyo ni maneno yaliyoandikwa kwenye hiyo kadi ambayo yalinifanya niikumbuke zaidi ile kadi hadi leo. Yalisema hivi:

Dear Andrea,









Wishing you all the best in your exams,


Mr & Mrs Kabipi.

That was it. So baada ya kufurahi nikaanza kujiuliza kuhusu ujumbe huo. Nikawaza kweli eti. Huu ujumbe mbona unanipa mawazo tena. Bado siku mbili kufanya NECTA. Nimeshasongoka miaka miwili mizima nimejiandaa nimeshajiamini kuingia kwenye NYAMBIZI la Makongo High School. Afu naambiwa #EXTRA tena? Lakini moyoni nikasema Mungu huenda ameniletea ujumbe muhimu mno kunisaidia si tu kwa mitihani yangu bali hata maishani. Nikaazimia kufanya hiyo extra. Walimu walisema usisome hadi siku ya pepa mi nikasema nitafanya EXTRA. Sitaenda kwenye mtihani wowote bila kufanya EXTRA. Nilifanikiwa kufanya vema mitihani yangu na nilishukuru kwa zile EXTRA nilizofanya kipindi chote cha wakati wa NECTA.

Ni miaka mingi imepita now na nimekuja kugundua kumbe ndoto nyingi hufia mlangoni. Maono mengi hufia karibu na kuzaliwa. Mafanikio ya watu wengi hushindwa kuwafikia kwa sababu tu ya kutofanya kitu EXTRA. Just some little extra stuff. Angalia watu wote waliofanikiwa duniani katika kila eneo. Iwe ni siasa, michezo, dini, biashara nk. Wote kuna kitu kidogo tu EXTRA wanafanya. Kuna wakati nilisikia kuwa Cristiano Ronaldo alikuwa wakimaliza mazoezi kocha akiwaruhusu kuondoka yeye anabaki anaanza kufanya mazoezi kidogo EXTRA. Huenda ikawa penalties au free kicks etc. Kidogo tu. Afu ndo anaondoka. A little EXTRA. Sets him apart.

Angalia wanamuziki waliofanikiwa. Siyo kipaji tu. Vipaji viko lukuki. Lakini nani yuko tayari kufanya that little EXTRA. Akae studio kwa muda extra kidogo. Akienda gym kwa ajili ya mazoezi ya pumzi basi azidishe muda kidogo tu EXTRA. Akifanya mazoezi ya vocals afanye kwa muda kidogo tu EXTRA. Nitajie ni nani na utakuta ni ambaye tayari ni jina kubwa kabisa!

Angalia watu wengi wanaopanda vyeo makazini kihalali. Wamefanya kitu kidogo EXTRA. Huwezi kufanya EXTRA halafu Mungu akakuacha. Never. Uwe mpagani uwe mnini kanuni za mafanikio si za dini ni tabia inayobidi kujengwa.

Angalia wafanya biashara waliofanikiwa lazima utakuta kuna hicho kitu EXTRA katika maisha yao. Anaamka mapema kidogo au kulala late kidogo. Siyo late akiwa anatuma katuni katuni WhatsApp no. Labda anasoma kitu fulani EXTRA. Au anasaidia wengine a little EXTRA. Kuna kitu EXTRA Dewji amefanya, siyo suala la kurithi. Wamerithi wangapi?

Angalia watu wanaokuwa wahubiri wa kimataifa. Utakuta kuna kitu anafanya EXTRA. One more EXTRA foreign language. Maombi kidogo EXTRA. Kufunga kidogo EXTRA. Kusoma NENO kidogo EXTRA. Nk. Hata Mtume Paulo ana nyaraka nyingi kuliko mitume wengine kwa sababu ya hiyo EXTRA.

So swali la kujiuliza kwa wewe unayetaka kufanikiwa maishani ni hili: NI KITU GANI EXTRA UNAFANYA AMBACHO WENGINE HAWAFANYI? Kama huna any little EXTRA basi utakuwa wa kawaida. Just ordinary. Just any Thom, Dick and Harry. Afu kila siku unajiambia  "MUNGU ALINIUMBA KUWA EXTRAORDINARY" Ni kweli kabisa. Lakini Mentor wangu mmoja alisema  tofauti kati ya ORDINARY na EXTRAORDINARY ni hiyo EXTRA tu. Ukiondoa EXTRA katika EXTRAORDINARY unabaki na ORDINARY. Sasa kama unakiri uliumbwa kuwa EXTRAORDINARY halafu huna kitu EXTRA unachofanya daily basi mtajuana na muumba wako ambaye bado amekupa uhai hadi sasa.

Azimia leo kufanya hizo EXTRA ndogo ndogo. You will definitely become EXTRAORDINARY.

Don't forget,


Barikiwa sana.

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
East Africa.