Jumatano, 28 Desemba 2016


In the mind of Elon Musk there's no space for Kim Kardashian's #behind.
In the mind of Elon Musk there's surely space for TESLA and this awesome space project for sending a rocket to MARS.

But in your mind there's enough space for not only Kim Kardashian's behind and her favourite diet and places for vacation but also in your mind there's enough space for her birthday and her friends' names, her hobbies, her pet, her husband's life and first and recent album or songs and their children's names and birthdays among many other things.

In BILL GATES' mind there's no space for who won the lottery and how, who stole  whose wife or husband and when, who wore the best dress on Christmas day,  who posted photos on instagram from abroad and when will they be back, which artist outperformed the other in the last concert. No! That's in your mind.
In Bill Gates mind there's a #vigorous search for the next 50 books to read in 2017. In his mind there's space for how to eradicate malaria in the world.  In  his mind there's space for which communities to help get clean and affordable water and electricity.
But in your mind there's space for "when will the government give you a job"!

That's YOUR mind. I love how Facebook kinda "mocks" you when it says: What's in your mind? Hahaha..  And you're secretly like: "Well, Kim Kardashian's........."

In your mind there's actually more than enough space for more crap than there's space for meaningful things.
In your mind there's actually space for FAKE NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS!
Can you imagine that??
And you have the audacity to think that you'll still be successful with that same MINDSET.

And you wonder why you are walking around lifeless.  You wonder why you struggle to smile.  You wonder why you still need an alarm clock to wake you up. You wonder why everything is headed south despite all the effort you put in.
You wonder why you are so waiting for JANUARY 1ST instead of looking forward to the next 5 or 30 minutes. You don't know it's your mind that's holding you back.

And God's looking for whose mind is being put to service for humanity so he can bless and increase that person.
So.. Who should God increase? One who wants a new phone to take more selfish next year, or one who's reading more books to learn how to eradicate a killer disease?

Which one of the two would you bless?

Now listen to me. Here's the problem.
Problem is you don't see yourself as an opening for God to USE to serve His people.  You're not seeing yourself as an opening for the Universe to use to make people's  lives better before your time's up.  It's all about YOU. That's why your mind has enough space for Kim Kardashian.... and Rihanna and the list of her ex-boyfriends.... and Beyonce.... and Gaga... and every other person that has an "entertaining effect" on your mind.  You don't see yourself as a SOLUTION to the woes of people around the world.  You think small because that space for solving problems of the world has been replaced by Kim Kardashian's big behind. And you're happy. And content.  And God's  wondering saying: I PLANTED GOOD SEED IN THIS PERSON'S MIND,  WHO PLANTED WEEDS IN HIS MIND!?

So my friend, reconsider your life.
Rethink your priorities.
God's  WAITING to increase you.  But not with that mindset.

When you come to the end of your life be sure to look back and see a meaningful #legacy.  A life of service to humanity.
Take care of your mind!  We all need a clean you,  a positive you, an ambitious you! Life will reward you greatly for cleaning up your mind!

I'm doing my part, do yours.

Semper Fi,

Andrea G.  Muhozya
Dar es Salaam,  Tanzania,
East Africa.

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