Jumapili, 18 Desemba 2016


When I was an employee I had a boss who was both schooled and educated. That's rarity you know. Some people are so blinded by the happiness of being just literate that they forget they are still literati!

So back to my boss back then. He had noticed that I had thus weakness of trying to do things that weren't on my JOB DESCRIPTION. So he used to tell me, Andrea, when you come at work every morning have one thing in mind: DO YOUR JOB, THEN GO HOME AND SLEEP! He told me that he had picked that principle from his American colleagues while he was there for his studies. And so I too thought I should share a message around this invaluable principle of life today.

To be able to "DO YOUR JOB" though, you must first know what your job is. That's simple logic, right?

So, my friend, WHAT'S YOUR JOB here on earth?

I have studied several people who achieved success in different areas of life and I've come to realize that they knew/know EXACTLY why they were/are here. See, it's pointless for you to spend most of your life learning how to bark like a dog while you were created a bird. You cant bark my sister. You'll never bark my brother. You simply don't have it wired in you. You will eventually lose interest in it and you won't even know how to sing like other birds.
So why waste your time?

Most people who are working to succeed in life forget that they will never become someone else, no matter what they do or how much they pray or where they go!
It's only God who knows the number of presidents that this country will ever have till Kingdom Come. Are sure you'll be in that number? Coz you are not entitled to anything but what God allows that you should have. Some were created to bear, or to father or mother someone who will become president. Some were created to teach someone who will become president. Some were created to advise someone who will become president. It's only God who knows who will become who and why. Your number one task as a HUMAN being is to find out first why you are here! Why you were created in the first place. Were you created to be an entertainer or an educator? A politician or a nun or monk? A scientist or an athlete? Don't try to become someone else.
Were you created to be THE RICHEST PERSON in the world or in Africa? Coz there will be only ONE richest person at any point in time. So are you one of those?

Jim Rohn did not attempt to become Warren Buffet. Are you hearing me?

Zig Ziglar didn't attempt to become Bill Cosby

Nelson Mandela did not attempt to become a boxing champion.  Mohammad Ali did.

James Allen did not attempt to become Shakespeare

Tony Robbins didn't attempt to become Anorld Schwarzenegger

Michael Jordan didn't attempt to become Ben Carson

Ben Carson attempted to be President of The  United States, but God had Donald Trump in mind. See? Of course time will tell if Carson will ever become president or not.

I'm not trying to shut you down but only put you into perspective.
You must know the area of your success. What did God wire you with? Writing skills? Speaking skills? A beautiful voice? Muscular feet? Super good brain power? What is it that your heart knows you can do better - WITHOUT PAY.

Mother Theresa did not try to become the best gymnast in the world.

I have heard so many dreams from so many people and friends. I came across a lady three years ago who told me she was going to start a big talk show like OPRAH. I asked her: Do you know Oprah's story? She said NO. I told her: Then you don't know what you're talking about.

I was with a colleague of mine yesterday and she told me she wants to become an INTERNATIONAL MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. I simply asked her one question. How do you feel about it, will someone die if you don't become that? She was aback by my question. She had to think about it a lot before saying, faintly, "YES". See, whatever God created you to do you will always feel like someone might die if you don't become what you want to become. You'll feel compelled to work hard to become that person. You won't try copying anyone. You'll be ready to sacrifice everything to get it. Most ladies I meet want to become Oprah. And they just want the glory, they don't even know her real struggles. Her story. You can't be Oprah because your story isn't her story.

See, you must know that not every lady will become Oprah. Genevieve Nnaji will never become Angelina Jolie. Michael Jackson never attempted to be Lionel Richie, let alone attempting to become a Senator or a Navy Seal. Do YOUR job.

You have to know that when you attempt to become what you were not created to be the whole world will conspire to oppose you and remind you you are becoming an intruder. But when you flow in your area not even the entire universe can stop you from getting to the top of that field if you're really determined.

If you're a writer then DO YOUR JOB. Someone needs to read your book so they can become rich. Listen, for more than 30 years Bill Gates has been reading 1 book a week, that's 50 books a year, that's 1500 books in 30 years. But remember those aren't his books. These are books written by other people. These writers did their job and went home and slept (like my boss used to tell me). What they didn't know that they were helping feeding a single human being's mind with so much valuable information enough to elevate him to the top of the world financially.
If these 1500+ or so writers had individually attempted to become the richest person in the world they would have wasted a lot of time and they would have failed. Someone wrote a book titled THINK AND GROW RICH. He did his JOB. And went home to sleep.

So what's your job? Usijaribu kuwa DEWJI au BAKHRESSA tu! You'll be disappointed badly. You must first find out if that's what you are here for? And once you understand this principle you can quit your job or look for a job immediately! You will stop living to please ANYBODY.

The problem I see with most people is that they want to identify themselves with successful people. They want to sing like a certain successful pop star! They want to talk like a certain motivational speaker. They want to dress or make their hair like someone else. They are busy trying to die copies and not trying to live as originals. That's TRAGIC. And an insult to God. You must do your best be the best version of YOURSELF.

So why are you here?
What's your JOB? Do your job and leave well alone.

I took law and realized I wasn't here to become the best lawyer. Law had it's purpose in my life. I went to work for a commercial bank and realized it really wasn't for me. I realized there were things I could do for FREE. Such as doing bness, speaking, writing, etc. I could do them without pay and I would still be not only satisfied but actually FULFILLED. You must search within yourself. Or you'll spend your life trying to be Donald Trump - someone who started with a small loan of a million dollars from his father. Or you'll spend your life trying to be president not knowing you were supposed to start a school where future presidents would get their education.

You started flying, don't finish your life crashing! Bill Gates doesn't ridicule the messages of the writers whose books he reads. He knows they've done their job and gone to sleep. But I know some people on this earth if you gave them the same book that Bill Gates is reading this week and taking notes from they'll probably find faulty with everything the writer says. You know why? Because the message is NOT for them. They're not meant to be the richest person in the world.

Most people will one to the end of their lives and feel so sorry for having wasted a lot of their energy, and time trying to look great, or trying to be someone else. I loved the response of SIMONE BILES, the American gymnast and vault and floor gold medalist who did wonders in the Rio Olympics this year. When congratulated and asked if she felt good to be "the next Michael Phelps" she said "I'M NOT THE NEXT MICHAEL PHELPS, I AM THE FIRST SIMONE BILES"!!!

Wow! You've got to love that love for originality!
In other words she was saying Michael Phelps did his job. I'm doing mine.
That's what I'm talking about!

You've got to identify your SPACE and stay therein. Then do something in that arena and leave the scene as a winner!
Do you wonder why Aliko Dangote isn't trying to become Nigeria's president but a number of his country men and women are working hard to get the job not knowing only one person will get it? That happens in every nation. I'm sure it's not in Bill Gates'mind to be #POTUS.

Most people aren't doing their job. Don't be one of them. Determine from today on that YOU'LL DO YOUR JOB AND GO HOME AND SLEEP.

My boss said so.

Do your job. Don't try to please anyone. God will only ask you how you did what he brought you here to do. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ANSWERS AND YOU CAN SHOW FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR.

Heaven is for people who did their assignments.
Find yours!

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

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