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If God (or whomever or whatever you  think is responsible for sustaining your life here on earth) asked you today, right at this moment why you should not be dead yet, what would your answer be?

Many people are living a dull life. Kind of vainly repeating all their yesterdays. Going through life like an airport's conveyor belt with no luggage on it. Just going through a certain circle everyday. Monotony. Every year. Every decade if they are luckier to live another. And they wonder why life is empty for them.

I am a firm believer in God and I believe that God put us here for a reason. Not to just exist and then die. We are here for a reason. You, my friend, are here for a reason.

The all important question in your life would therefore be that million dollar self-query: "WHY AM I HERE? or "WHAT AM I HERE FOR?". If you have never asked yourself that question before then I suggest that you do. Your life is likely to take an entirely different course towards a better ending if you do. And if you don't, well, you are likely to go on living the same life you've been living and chances are you are most likely to get the same results out of life as you have always been getting.

So, WHY ARE YOU HERE REALLY? To go to school, get (good) grades, get a (good) "secure" job, (get married), get kids of your own, pay bills and them TAXES, retire, join the pensioners' club and then die (or whatever you believe will happen to you at the end of your life)?
Is that it?
I mean, really?
Think again.

There are many ways you can find out about what it is that your life was meant to fulfil.

~ I suggest that you first look deep inside of you and discover what you think your life is all about. What gives you not only satisfaction but FULFILMENT. Remember if you live a life that is empty (in the sense that you don't know what it is all about) you are likely to just fit in. Never will you stand out. You are likely to just swim with the stream - like dead fish. You are likely to blend with the rest of the people around. You are likely to be hired to fulfil other people's purposes in life - their dreams. And you are likely to arrive at the end of your life dissatisfied with your achievements - or lack thereof, disappointed with yourself and UNFULFILLED. And I tend to think that is the saddest you will ever get. Knowing that you wasted your entire life living a complete LIE. Deceiving yourself with the most common lie I have ever heard:  THAT'S LIFE. See, whenever people tell me "That's Life" I tend to ask myself, "WHOSE?"
So think about it my friend. Look deep inside of you. Set a quiet time and do this exercise seriously. You are about to make the most important discovery of your life!

~ You should also read books. It's funny that when I talk to people about reading they somehow find some excuse for not reading. Listen my dear friend. Read books. And this comes down to your willpower. Are you really willing to discover your life purpose? Then read them books. There are quite a number of books the tackle the subject in question squarely.
Some of the most relevant books that can really help you include:


~ If, like me,  you are a believer in higher power you should also pray and ask for guidance. I believe that these things are spiritual and as such need a spiritual approach as well.

All in all knowing your life purpose helps shape your life and makes you live it with more focus, passion and resolve.
You are more likely to arrive at the end of your life more fulfilled and content than most folks.

It's not enough that you were born. It's not enough that you are alive. You must find out why you were born, why you are alive. If you haven't found out yet why you were born and why you are alive then you haven't started living yet.
So, again, my friend...


Cheers and best of luck!

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

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