Alhamisi, 17 Desemba 2015

Is The Window Of Opportunity Still Open? Then Use It Fast!



Well, at least until after some time.

'How much time', you may ask. Well after exactly 8 minutes according to scientists for according to science it takes 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach our beloved planet. So we'll still see the sun for 8 minutes. Interesting, no?

For 8 good minutes we can all be walking, swimming, farming, driving, chatting, or just "chilling" out somewhere and then whoop!!! Night time all of a sudden. Complete darkness.

Well, can you imagine that? Drivers crushing in trees and houses, people falling into pits, school children screening, airplanes losing sight of runways,  everybody panicking and all that? Just imagine. Don't worry it's not gonna happen. God is in control....

Just make believe!

How important the sun will suddenly become all important as both TVs and social media terrorists and clerics alike will unite to discuss what has befallen us mortals!

But now no one talks about such a thing. Because it seems not a possibility on our plate. And rightly so. Why would it vanish? It's been there since..well, since time immemorial! Why would it want us all fall into 'kingdom come' all of a sudden?

In many ways that's how most people look at many things. We don't really appreciate things until they're gone. Maybe you too are one of them. You don't appreciate your job, spouse, business, children, team, leaders, etc, just because you think its their duty to do what they are supposed to do or to even please you. You don't appreciate "your sun" because you think it's its duty to shine on you whether it likes or not. And you want it to shine on you the way you want it to: not too hot not too bright..but just "perfectly".

There are opportunities you have now and they seem to have always been there. Maybe an opportunity to serve others well at your job..opportunity to visit your parents...opportunity to take your spouse or children to vacation..opportunity to visit the orphanage and homeless people... opportunity to serve God by singing,  preaching, writing, etc.. opportunity to start a business...opportunity to buy assets... opportunity to start investment schemes such as buying shares etc... opportunity to go for your dreams...well they all seem to have always been there... They all seem to still be there now — just like the sun!
But are you sure the 'sun of your opportunities' will still be there tomorrow? Are you sure it will still be there next year? Are you even sure if its still out there at all???

Finding that out after "8 minutes" can be so tragic and chaotic for your life. You might not be able to handle the shock. And even if you could you certainly won't be able to replace the sun. Don't think all unsuccessful people were lazy, some just "found themselves in total darkness"

If yo have read WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? by Dr. Spencer Johnson you know what I'm talking about?
Don't be Hem who was shocked to find no cheese and hollered "who moved my cheese" cheese which wasn't HIS in the first place! And then yelled "it's not fair" as if life was meant to be fair at all. Yet that's how most people react when they go to the office one morning only to be told "You employment has been terminated" which to me is  harsher than "YOU ARE FIRED". That's how people react when the opportunity to invest in something is all of a sudden barred by law for reasons best known to the government. That's what happens when you discover your talent in the  evening hours of your life. With most people it becomes so chaotic and then they may become so agitative and dramatize everything to everyone's 'discomfort'. Look, even the opportunity to "serve" God is better taken in your youthful years, according to the Bible. "Remember your creator in the days of your youth..." proclaims Ecclesiastes 12:1! Before the sun has vanished, you bet right.

Be wise enough to look out for your sun, your opportunity, or your CHEESE. Don't be caught unawares. Most people don't recover from the shock. Ask for God's guidance and strength to take on every opportunity that you have always thought of taking.

Before the sun vanishes!

For when it does you may really not know. And when you know it may be too late.

Take your opportunities seriously!
My next article will be on "starting where you are, with what you have"

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Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
East Africa.

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  1. Good read kaka, write more and more. Nitakuwa wa kwanza kuzisoma. :-)

  2. Asante sana kaka. You inspired me a lot with the article you wrote about books last year.
    Thanks for encouraging me bro. I will.