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What Is Network Marketing?

What Is Network Marketing?

The simplest explanation of network marketing is that it is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives to reach potential customers that a company otherwise would not reach with traditional online or offline marketing methods.

Still difficult somehow, okay...

In short Network Marketing is a business model which is the opposite of traditional (normal way) of business/distribution. In the traditional model, for the consumer to get a product, it has to move from the MANUFACTURER down to the NATIONAL AGENT down to the WHOLESALER then to the RETAILER and finally to the CONSUMER. In so doing the price will have escalated from say, 300/= shs for a bottle of soda at the MANUFACTURER'S to 600 by the time it reaches the RETAILER due to costs incurred by each of the players.

In Network Marketing the MANUFACTURER finds a partner eg. ME, and asks the PARTNER to distribute the products which this PARTNER gets from the MANUFACTURER at 300/= for example and sells at 600/= so the PARTNER gets all that profit which would have gone to the AGENT, WHOLESALER and RETAILER. See? But it doesn't end there.

The MANUFACTURER then asks this PARTNER to bring in any other person who would like to become a partner too and when this new person comes in and joins, then  the 1st PARTNER is paid a "commission" and if the second partner brings other partners the both the 1st and 2nd partners both get paid due to the compound effect of the new partners who due to the power of the word of mouth have helped the company/manufacturer to make more sales than if it had relied on adverts or the traditional way of business. And this is where the "network" applies.

So briefly it's something like that.. Watch this video.

Millions of people are doing this, highly probably YOU also are. Let's see if you are doing it or not. Okay, do you have a PC, mobile phone, or car? If yes, did anyone tell you about the particular brand before you decided to go for it or did you just buy everything you have out of the blue without anyone's reference?

Or where do you go to eat your food, where do you buy your groceries, which supermarket do you visit often, what brand is your kind when it comes to bottled water for instance, and did you just start using the brand or did someone else tell you about it. Did someone else tell you where to buy your groceries, or where to go wash your car or which school to take your kids to? And what do you think, did that person get paid by the business owner for recommendung those things to you? Of course not!! Did you get paid anyone when you recommended certain brands to your friends or relatives? Yes? No? Yes? NOOOO!

See? So many people are involved in the Network Marketing Business everyday for free and they are happy to do so! Imagine if a friend comes to you and they want to go buy a new cellphone, which brand would you recommend? And suppose that friend of yours follows your advice and buys that brand how much will you get paid for that? Nothing. Why? Because you are doing network marketing (or recommendation) business with the wrong company.

BUT THERE ARE now Companies which are ready to pay you for doing exactly that! Recommending their products to other people. That is what is in the book titled: The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki! One such company is called FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS... Refer the short presentation on the video.

INFORMATION IS POWER! It is important that you are informed so that the choices you make about your present or future financial status are not made out of ignorance. Network Marketing is a great OPPORTUNITY.

There are several business meetings and presentations taking place where you are everyday! Probably you are not aware, and probably it's because you were never informed.
NOW THAT YOU ARE... Take the next step...Seek for more information.
Thank you for reading through..
Andrea Muhozya.

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  1. the article is awesome and u have shed light to some of the key issues on the topic. unfortunately in tanzania network marketing has been limited in meaning and practice to the korean and chinese products especially the so called 'natural alternative products' even by the intellectuals and professions who are falling victims. personally i find the business concept applicable and would be more sensible if the elite chose to extend the concept of network marketing in their professions and leverage its potentials. once more bigup bro. tupia vitu vinavyohusu vitabu na hata pics na feedback za motivation sessions mashuleni. wengine wakiona ndo wataona umuhimu wa kusupport au ku participate.

  2. Yes Brother Maswi, it is indeed a very wide subject yes, but there are certain aspects of it that can easily work and some difficult to implement in our environment!
    Will see what do do on the motivation talks posts. Thank you a lot!