Jumatatu, 15 Aprili 2013

Welcome and Let's Soar Like Eagles


Thank you for visiting my blog. 

I am dedicated to motivating and inspiring people and getting them re-discover their potential before it is lost (no potential is ever lost before you die anyway). I give inspirational talks to schools and work places, among other areas and I have been blessed to see how people's lives have changed - be it students, employees or entrepreneurs - and that has served as gas station in this long journey.

Join hands with me in this wonderful journey and let's work together to redesign the future of our generation and that of generations to come.

I talk on the following topics, among others: 

How to Motivate Yourself
How To Motivate Students
How To Motivate Your Children
How To Motivate Your Employees
How To Become a Top Student
How To Raise Responsible Children
How to Be An Effective Manager

Relevant practical examples are given during the talks to make the points more effective.

For fees and other arrangements please contact me via: 
Phone: +255: 788366511, 752366511, 653366511
Email: andre.muhozya@gmail.com

Welcome! Karibu! Bienvenue!

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