Jumatano, 1 Mei 2013


Happy Workers' Day!

As many workers (and non-workers) 'celebrate' May Day around the world some are at their desks working, others at the bench in the park and some at the beach "breeze-bathing". Some are happy as this day comes and goes and some are unhappy with the events in their work places.

As you celebrate this day your own way, I would like to provoke you to thinking of the purpose for your life, work and actions. Stop in your 'busy' relaxation and use this day to ask yourself a few 'whys'.

Why do you work. To get something on the table? That's all?
Why do you live? What if the Almighty asks you to defend your purpose for living right now, would it convince Him?

If you are a student, a teacher, a businessperson, a minister, or other, why do you do what you do? Are you doing business to get money? Remember a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. If you are a student are you studying merely to pass exams? Do you think straight As will land you the State House post? Really? Academic success is more than all As and a B+. If not, then all best students you heard about before would be the ones running the government and owners of big  businesses in this world. But as it seems in 100 richest people in this world very few have a University Degree. Many dropped out of the formal academic life. Bill Gates is one of them. Don't concentrate on what you need to do, but why you need to do it. PURPOSE.

If you are a teacher, how do your former students remember you? As a model for good? That's for you to answer. And if you are any other employee - manager or not - what is the purpose for your work? Does your work add value or reduce the Company's income every month end. What will your Company say if you tender your resignation letter tomorrow morning? You know better. 

You will never add into this life anything of significance if all you think about is to one day buy that Ferrari (which you will not buy by the way. Just joking :-). Yes go ahead and buy it and bring it to our beautiful bumpy and muddy roads). You will only add something of significance to the generation to come if you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking of others. That should be your PURPOSE. Do not look at what you NEED.When a lion runs at that impossible speed for a deer he has a NEED. Food. But when a deer cruises ahead of the lion it has a PURPOSE. Not a need. To save life. See? And do you know who usually wins in the race between a lion and a deer? A deer. Why? Because PURPOSE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN NEED.

Have a great day. Strive for life PURPOSE, not mere needs. Thanks for reading.


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