Jumamosi, 22 Oktoba 2016



There are things that are so easy to do in life and anybody can do these things. Especially young people.

It's easy to TALK
Yes it's easy to talk, talk, talk, talk and keep talking after keeping talking. Most young people are now involved in talking. Just talking. Talking about what they want in life. Talking about how they want it. Why they want it. When they want it. But that's all they do. TALK. They don't do anything about it.

I call procrastination the food of a lazy mind. It's most people mind's *default mode.*
And so most people do so, especially young people. (Especially here in Africa more than elsewhere.) Well, young people the world over generally somehow  think they still have all the time in the world to go about it LATER. They put it all off. It's not a convenient time, they think. They are looking for that perfect, perfect time. When they're grown up. The perfect, perfect moment to do it. When they have the money or a college degree. Now they're still having a little fun to lighten up their youthful selves a little, so they think. Their philosophy about life is founded on a lie that they not only believe but also protect: Have Fun While You're Still Young. Okay little brother, alright lil sister. Have fun. But remember TIME flies while you're having fun. So that's the generation of young people we have. Putting off everything. Or here in Africa they're waiting for a share of that AID MONEY promised by the government when it gets AID MONEY promised by the *donor!* If you're one of these wake up from that slumber! Learn from those who've woken up and done something.

It's easy to JUDGE.
So most people do that. Young people also do so. When they see someone successful their verdict is: inherited. Or: stolen. Or: swindled. Or: luck. And so on and so forth. They still want to be successful, yet most of them have no idea how to go about it.

It's easy to WATCH.
U-huh! Yes it is. And so most people do so. Young people love this the most. Yes they love watching TV series or watch their favourite athletes in action because it's easy to watch. Yes, it's easier to watch than to put in the work and sweat and discipline yourself until you become someone's favourite actor or athlete!
They love to put their headphones on and shut the whole world out and listen to their favourite songs and feel so good. Yes that's easier than putting in the work to nourish your talent and find a role model and get yourself a mentor and a coach who will subject you to a disciplined routine to ensure that you one day get paid for doing what you love doing. Look at how many people you'll find on a football pitch on early Monday morning drenched in sweat. Then look how many you'll find on Sunday afternoon - especially on a derby!

It's easy to do SMALL TALK.
So most people do so. And young people love it.
Talking nonsense and filling their minds with irrelevant and unhelpful things that intoxicate their minds and unknowingly impair their ability to have a sound judgement. Avoiding all serious subjects and deep, thought-provoking conversations. And then they expect to live a life that has a meaningful impact and to leave a meaningful legacy when they're gone.
To change this world!

We live in a world where the generation of young people we do have has lost its sense of purpose. Young people who don't know why on earth they're here for? A typical youngster of today thinks success is having a beautiful profile picture of Facebook and a 100k followers on Instagram or going out with the opposite number often. A typical youngster of today has half of their brain filled with filth, irrelevant information and negativity and thinks that you can actually MICROWAVE success!

So which young person are you?

Are you one that has spent this almost gone year just #talking and #procrastinating and #judging and #watching and indulding is #petty talk and #wishful thinking, or are you a young person that has spent this year taking steps to live with distinction and to make both your presence and your contribution felt and appreciated?

Will your family, or community or nation or continent or world at large ever get to benefit from the gifts and talents that God Almighty invested in you? Or did He create you to come here and just have all the fun you could have and then die, never having lived at all? Yes, never having lived at all, for I consider life as a service to others, and success as serving other people to the fullest and to the best of your ability - what the late Caribbean Pastor used to call DYING EMPTY!

What kind of young person are you? One that has spent 2016 striving to become well informed and knowledgeable of the things that you need to know in order to make a worthwhile contribution? Or one that has spent almost an entire year now going from music concert to another, downloading all the music songs you could download and watching them things: bad things, dirty things, and  thinking about #BAE 24/7? And yet having the audacity to say you want a good life? Who's going to give you that? You want to become successful? Good. But don't you know that what you've been doing is detrimental and amounts to sabotaging your own cause?

How many books have you read so far this year?
Books that added something to your knowledge bank account.
Or will you enter 2017 with the knowledge you acquired 5 years ago and expect to live to make a difference?  Coz I'm not talking about just existing! I'm talking about LIVING! And leaving a legacy. I'm talking about you becoming a leader and not a follower. Haven't you heard that "LEADERS ARE READERS"?

Listen to me, I once heard a story of one of the richest people of our time. He once visited this country's beautiful national parks and game reserves and spent all of his time there reading books and barely watching any of the elephants, gazelles, lions or flamingos! That man is Bill Gates!
"Why would he do that" you might ask. I will tell you why! It's because he knows the VALUE of spending time getting informed. Adding onto one's knowledge bank account. Lemme tell you something: Reading is one of the strongest and most valuable currencies in the KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY. You can quote me!
Will you emulate him?
Or would you rather die than read! Or write!
Don't you know your ideas can change our world?

What kind of young person are you? One that is the problem with this continent of Africa or one that's the solution to the many problems and challenges we do have including education, poverty, health related challenges and others? Are you one to ask other people to give you a job or one to give other people the job they need? What kind are you? I'm talking to you! Are you one to make your brothers and sisters step up and do something to change our continent or are you one who thinks that Africa's challenges will be resolved by some #muzungu with a briefcase of AID MONEY!  Surviving on life support!

What are you doing to mend the broken lives and alleviate the challenges due to poverty and backwardness of the people in your own nation?
Or are you still having a little more fun first? What difference has such entertainment and fun done into your life so far? And into the lives of those around you?
Are you hearing me?

What kind of young person are you?
One that Africa will be proud to have ever had or one that Africa's history won't consider to have ever walked this continent? Listen to me my friend. Your nation, your people, our people our continent is looking and yearning for serious young people. For young men and women that will be the envy of the world!
The problem with somevof you young people is you think you are a happenstance! You think you're an accident! Don't you know that you have a purpose? Haven't you heard that even while you were still in your mother's womb the creator knew you and had set you apart for a purpose? Find that purpose! It isn't about how or where or when you were born. It only matters that you were born.

So better get serious already, or our history will forget all about you like that ant you stepped on the first day you went to school so many years ago? Remember that #ant? Of course YOU DON'T. And that's how you'll be forgotten, if you don't take your life as seriously as you should.

What kind of young person are you?
And what kind should you have been?
What kind must you be to steer your nation and our continent to a better future. To our own African dream of progress, unity and excellence!
What's your contribution going to be?

Step up my brother! You're not here to get a degree on Six Packs Acquisition. Do something!
Step up my sister! You're not here to look sexy and flash a well-curved figure to lustful eyes and get LIKED but to contribute something to better our situation. Be one of those sisters of ours who've done that!
Step up and do your part.
Do everything you can do.
That man was Art Williams.
Don't you underestimate the power of All You Can Do!

So, are you going to do something?
Or are you going to just talk about doing something?
What kind of young person are you?

I dare you today!
I dare you to get yourself on active mode!
ACTIVATE THE CODES! Are you hearing what I'm telling you?
Put in the work!
Sweat if you will!
Give it your all!
Bring in the PASSION!
It's a noble thing you're doing.
And the sons and daughters of Africa will be proud you made a difference!
Coz that's the kind of young person you ought to be!
One whose life will make a difference!
Don't die with that greatness in you.
Don't deny us a chance to benefit from your contribution!
Step up and make a difference! Hold the pen and rewrite Africa's history with your name in it!
I promise you your story will be told to future generations and your name will live in their hearts forevermore.

Step up and make it happen!

Semper Fi,

Andrea G. Muhozya
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania,
East Africa!

+255788366511(WhatsApp only)

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